Help shape ETF’s executive leadership development support

Executive leaders of General Further Education colleges across England are invited to participate in three online workshops being held by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to support the further development of the development support it offers. Each of the 75-minute workshops is designed to be a listening exercise, looking at current and evolving challenges and professional development needs for executive leaders in the 21st century.

The first session, on Friday 3 November, will focus on ‘The challenges and opportunities for Executive Leaders’. It will look at both historic leadership development and current and future needs, engaging CEOs and Principals.

The second session, on Tuesday 28 November, will focus on ‘Executive Leadership Development’. It will seek to engage with C Suite Board Level Executives, also examining historic, current and future needs.

The final session, which will focus on ‘The Black Leadership experience’, will take place on Friday 19 January 2024. Designed to engage with executive leaders at Further Education colleges who have an interest in supporting a diverse pipeline of Executive Leaders, it will look at solutions and collective actions that ETF and the wider sector can take in support of that goal.

For details of the support for development the ETF already offers to leaders in the FE and Skills sector, visit the leadership programmes page of the ETF website.