Industry Insights placements update

As part of the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer, we have introduced Industry Insight placements to include: work shadowing (up to 1 day), work placements (1-2 days) and more immersive staff placements in industry over three, five or 10 days. The placements will include visits to industry to include both large companies and SMEs, as well as other educational establishments. Teachers are expected to embed  ETF’s Teach Too principles which are based on the recommendations for achieving excellence in technical teaching, training and learning highlighted in the CAVTL Report.

These Industry Insight opportunities allow those who will be teaching T Levels access to technical professional development that will support them in their delivery of high-quality learning experiences and sharing industry insights with their learners, whilst providing a clear line of sight to work.

There are a minimum of 175 placements available to 2020, 2021 and wider sector T Level colleagues. In Wave 1 and 2 over 140 placements were allocated. Over 180 applications were recently received in wave 3 which shows the significant interest in this CPD offer.

Industry Insight placements have been confirmed across England at a wide variety of organisations, from large companies like Balfour Beatty, Atkins, Anglian Water, Microsoft, Brother UK and NHS Trusts to SMEs including games design and digital marketing companies, and primary schools and nurseries.

The huge diversity in placements being offered by industry shows that employers are really getting behind T Levels. There are 80 employers currently engaged and offering Industry Insight placements, with more coming on board all the time.

For those who have been successful with their Industry Insight placement applications, we are facilitating a number of two-hour workshops to prepare you to ensure maximum positive impact on T Level delivery and sharing of learning amongst colleagues. This will help to ensure that learners studying T Levels will have opportunities to develop their subject specialist knowledge, skills, behaviours and occupational competencies, so that they are better prepared for the world of work.

Following placements, participants, and where possible, employers, are asked to provide feedback on their experience, professional exchange and learning, indicating how they will share their learning back in their organisations with colleagues and students. We will be publishing Industry Insight placement case studies over the coming weeks and months.

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