Joining The Green College Commitment

Colleges across the country are putting sustainability at the heart of their decision-making using the Further Education (FE) College Climate Action Roadmap.

The Association of Colleges (AoC) has today published a report which sets out the role of colleges in delivering in three priority areas to meet sustainability targets. These are:

  • delivering green skills and supporting green jobs
  • educating students and communities to build a more sustainable future
  • developing net zero campuses and building resilience to environmental change.

The Green College Commitment, set out in this report, is a call for action for colleges to demonstrate their commitment and action in relations to these areas.

The report highlights the distinctive placement that colleges have at the heart of communities, which positions them to support and inform a fair transition to a green economy for people and employers.

The ETF’s commitment to education for sustainable development (ESD) has been referenced within the report, with our own recent workforce survey and another forthcoming evaluation providing important insights into how both students and staff are invested in sustainability and the appetite for ESD in the workforce. Our forthcoming report highlights that less than 1 per cent of post-16 enrolments are on a course with broad coverage of ESD whilst our ‘Experiences of Education for Sustainable Development in the Further Education and Training Sector’ report interestingly outlined that 68 per cent of the workforce feel that the current UK post-16 education system does not adequately educate students on sustainability issues. These reports illustrate a clear demand we should strive to meet.

Charlotte Bonner, National Head of Education for Sustainable Development, explained:

“The FE and training sector has a critical role to play in combating climate change and achieving broader sustainability goals. We are pleased that our findings have been utilised in this important report by the AoC and look forward to continuing to work with them to support the whole FE and training sector to deliver great quality, high impact education for sustainable development.”

Explore the full impact by reading the report.

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