Leaders’ mental health and wellbeing webinars booking open

Booking is now open for three webinars designed to support leaders and managers in addressing issues around mental health and wellbeing. Each of the events will showcase individuals and organisations who lead by example in their approach.

The first webinar, which will take place on Monday 16 October and is aimed at principals and senior leaders in FE, will focus on leading through crises, providing an opportunity to talk candidly about supporting a workforce and student body through a collective trauma while also looking after oneself. It will also include a presentation on services available to support FE leaders by Kate Day, Director of operations at DH Associates Ltd and Education Support.

The second, which is aimed at middle managers in FE, will take place on Thursday 7 December. Focused on managing trauma, it will see two FE managers sharing their experience of responding to student trauma, whilst addressing their own needs, and those of their teams. It will also include a presentation by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust on the national picture and the work they have done with FE over the last year.

The third event – also for middle leaders – will take place on Thursday 7 February. Contemplating the idea that learning communities can be ‘mentally wealthy,’ it will look at the partnership between education and health and consider the challenges, innovations and opportunities in providing holistic and accessible support to students.

All three events can be booked via the ETF course booking website. Each will be 90 minutes long and there is no charge to attend. They are part of the ETF’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme, which supports FE leaders and managers to address issues impacting on staff and students and reflect on their journey towards self-awareness and positive mental health. The ETF ‘Leadership mental health and wellbeing’ podcast, which is produced as part of the programme, is available on Spotify or by searching for ‘ETF leadership mental health’ on your podcast provider.

Details of the ETF’s wider programme of support for leaders at managers at all stages of their leadership journey are available on the leadership programmes page of the ETF website.