Mental Health Awareness Week: Coping with stress in the workplace

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2018,  the Society for Education and Training (SET) has opened up a selection of member-only content to all this week, focusing on stress and how employers can recognise and respond to practitioners affected by mental health issues.

With anxiety one of the most common mental health issues – accounting for 23 per cent of NHS activity and costing the British economy £15 billion per year in lost productivity – it is more important than ever that organisations offer the right support to employees.

When you’re overwhelmed by stress it may lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse, reports the Mental Health Foundation. However, 47 per cent of staff are uncomfortable disclosing mental health issues to their employer and 25 per cent feel there is inadequate support for mental health in their workplace, according to an employee survey by CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development.

Recognising and responding to employees affected by mental health issues

SET, which is the ETF’s membership arm, has made the following articles, webchats and webinars, open to all for the week of 14-20 May The content addresses the need to promote a culture of change and encourage employers to recognise and respond to practitioners affected by mental health issues.

Article: Support your health and wellbeing in the workplace – advice on how to get a better work-life balance and find the right support and advice when you need it.

Focus on learners’ mental health:

To find out more and get some tips on improving wellbeing, visit the full article on the SET website.

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