New data reveal proportion of teachers in FE workforce is increasing

The Education and Training Foundation has today published its annual dataset revealing the characteristics of the Further Education workforce.

There is a consistent finding across colleges, work based and adult and community teaching providers that teaching staff are increasing as a proportion of the total sector workforce.

  • 53% of staff in Work Based Learning providers are teaching staff. This has risen from 51% in 2012/13 and 48% in 2011/12.
  • Teachers remain the largest occupational group within GFE Colleges, representing 44.1% of FTE staff, an increase from 43.5%. The proportion of technical staff and managers has decreased (from 6.9% to 6.2% and from 8.9% to 7.6%, respectively).
  • Within Adult and Community Learning providers, two out of three staff are identified as “professionals” (which includes teaching and also training staff such as assessors, trainers, tutors and advisors).

The Education and Training Foundation is in its second year of operation and promotes and collates provider data returns to produce annual workforce data. A set of three reports is available which provides detailed information on the characteristics of people working in colleges, work based learning and adult and community learning organisations.

David Russell, Chief Executive Officer at the Education and Training Foundation said “I would encourage everyone working in Further Education to use these data. You might want to see how your place of work compares to the national average, or look at where the opportunities and recruitment challenges persist. We are planning some exciting developments to this annual dataset, and the reports that users will be able to generate from it.  To achieve this we need to ensure as many organisations as possible contribute to the process. I hope that leaders and governors will use it as part of their annual planning and most importantly I hope that your organisation commits to contributing to it in future years. With sector wide commitment to data collection we can identify specific issues and support smart sector-wide solutions. Without provider support on data collection we are all in the dark”.


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