New Enhance modules to support online induction

A cluster of six new modules that will support practitioners through online student induction will be available on the ETF’s Enhance Digital Teaching Platform on 1 September.

The modules deal with:

  • Managing workload
  • Ensuring wellbeing
  • Teaching, learning and assessment
  • Supporting learners
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Learner engagement and performance.

They will be accompanied by overarching guidance and three documents providing extra support on induction, ensuring engagement and performance in remote and disrupted learning, and measuring progress and outcomes in remote and disrupted learning.

The modules have been created in response to the demands of Covid-19 and sector feedback and have been – exceptionally – launched without user testing. Feedback is welcome and can be given via a survey that will be accessible with the modules. Like all modules on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, the six in this cluster are free to access.

The Enhance Digital Teaching Platform was launched in January 2019 to provide free, bite-size training on Educational Technology (EdTech) mapped to the ETF’s national EdTech competency framework, the Digital Teaching Professional Framework. The framework helps practitioners to track their digital CPD progress through three stages of development – Exploring (starter), Adopting (intermediate), Leading (advanced). Today the platform has 100 EdTech training modules, and staff from over 1,200 learning providers have used the training, completing over 21,000 training modules. A new management dashboard was launched in 2019 for learning providers to be able to support their staff using resources on the platform, and subscription is currently free until 31 January 2021, thanks to funding from the Department for Education.

Earlier this year, a second offer was launched on the platform focused on Essential Digital Skills linked to the national standards published in April 2019. This offer comprises of 20 short training modules of approximately 20 minutes each, linked to a self-assessment. The offer is already proving popular with teachers preparing to teach courses for the new standards and those wanting to develop their essential digital skills.

Further EdTech modules will be launched this autumn in response to sector feedback, specifically focusing on support for online and blended learning delivery. The aim is to equip teachers and trainers to be able to support learners as effectively as possible whatever the circumstances, harnessing the use of technology but with a firm focus on pedagogy.

To find out more about the new modules and keep up to date with all developments on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, please read our newsletters and follow the ETF’s social media channels.

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