New ETF programme to support embedding of maths and English in apprenticeships

The Further Education (FE) and Training sector’s workforce development body, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), has launched a new CPD programme to support the embedding of maths and English into apprenticeships delivery.

The Embedding maths and English in apprenticeships programme is available online from today, Tuesday 7 January 2020. The programme is free of charge during the pilot which will end on 31 March 2020.

Apprentices undertaking a Level 3 or higher apprenticeship are required to hold or achieve a Level 2 in maths and English before they can successfully complete their apprenticeship. In addition, apprentices undertaking a Level 2 apprenticeship must work towards Level 2 in maths and English.

The ETF’s new online learning packages are designed to give those responsible for apprenticeship maths and English delivery practical strategies and resources to improve learner outcomes. The programme offers support in motivating and engaging apprentices by relating maths and English to workplace practices relevant to their interests. The new CPD offer has been designed to aid the employment of apprentices through improving employer support and collaboration in the development of apprentices’ maths and English skills in the workplace.

The professional development programme consists of four learning packages, each including one online module and a follow-up interactive webinar which will build on the module’s content:

  • Embedding strategies: how to work towards an embedded approach to the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships
  • Resources: how to find and use appropriate resources for an embedded approach, including resources to upskill your staff involved in apprenticeship delivery
  • Assessment: how to identify appropriate assessment methods for effective embedding
  • Inclusivity: how to support inclusivity for the effective delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships.

Users will be able to pick and choose from the four learning packages based on their training needs. The training is aimed at workplace supervisors, specialist maths and English teachers, vocational trainers learning mentors and assessors who are responsible for on and off-the-job training of apprentices and employers.

Imke Djouadj, National Head of Maths, English and ESOL at the ETF, said:

“We are delighted to offer a high-quality online training that aims to support the FE sector to build capability, understanding and confidence in effective embedding of maths and English in apprenticeships.

“The Embedding maths and English in apprenticeships programme will enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment to improve learner outcomes. This will benefit employers by enabling a successful return on apprenticeship investment and growth of a skilled workforce.”

The new offer builds on the ETF’s recent maths and English Shaping Success campaign which focuses on online training and resources to raise the standard of teaching, the attainment of pupils and better preparing students for key maths and English skills in the workplace.

For further information and to book on the programme visit the ETF booking website.

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