New ETF training to support learners with physical disabilities in the FE sector

On 30 January 2020, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is hosting a one-day programme for the Further Education (FE) workforce to develop skills in helping support learners with physical disabilities in mainstream FE settings.

The programme will provide staff in the FE sector with an understanding of physical disability, its impact and a range of strategies to successfully support a young person with a physical disability. Attendees will gain insights on how to support their learners to take greater ownership of their own learning whether in an educational or workplace setting. The one-day programme is also suitable for employers working with young people with a physical disability transitioning from education into work.

The training will consist of four areas of learning which will support practitioners, including leaders and managers to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of:

  • Physical disability and its impact on life and learning
  • How to include learners with physical disability in the post-16 education and training sector
  • How to deliver effective teaching and learning for young people with a physical disability by making adjustments to teaching, resources and environments
  • Strategies which promote resilience and ownership for learners with a physical disability through developing a supportive environment in the classroom and workplace

The ETF has commissioned pdnet, the national network for those supporting learners with physical disability who developed the quality standards for young people with physical disability in the Post-16 sector, to design and deliver this course. The one-day training extends the ETF’s SEND Workforce Development work which aims to increase awareness, capacity and expertise in the post-16 education sector to deliver high-quality provision and support.

The Education and Training Foundation’s Head of Wellbeing & Social Inclusion, Teresa Carroll, said:

“We want to move to a world where people with different experiences of the world learn and work together as this helps to build understanding. Many of the adjustments we can make to address barriers to learning benefits us all, so through this programme the ETF continues to ‘beat the drum’ for inclusive teaching and learning approaches.”

Di Caesar, pdnet’s National Committee Chair, said:

“Young people with a physical disability entering Further Education, training or a supported internship have greater choices than ever before. A wide range of equipment, technology and alternative means of communication has transformed their ability to access college and training opportunities. Consequently, staff in the post 16 sector have to be prepared to successfully include students with a greater diversity of need and unique requirements arising from their physical disability. They need to know how to develop solutions to ensure young people with a physical disability are able to take part and achieve as much their fellow students.

“pdnet is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the Education Training Foundation to develop a training course ‘Teaching young people with physical disabilities in the post-16 education and training sector’ to provide staff with an understanding of physical disability and ways to successfully include and teach a young person with physical disability, whether in a mainstream, specialist or work place setting, so they can take greater ownership of their own learning.”

The one-day course is taking place at Cheltenham Chase Hotel, Gloucestershire, on 30 January can be booked through the ETF’s course booking website. To book on our other Specific Needs courses go to the SEND page of the booking website.

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