New opportunities for national recognition of EdTech CPD

New opportunities for practitioners in the FE and Training Sector to gain national recognition for their educational technology (EdTech) CPD have been launched today by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). Two new roles – ‘Super Contributor’ and ‘Reviewer’ – have been created on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform (EnhanceDTP), the ETF’s user-friendly EdTech training service.

The role of the Super Contributor is to foster communities of practice on the EnhanceDTP by posting constructive comments to reflections and resources that have been shared by other practitioners as part of the EdTech digital badge recognition scheme.

In order to gain two- and three-star badges on the platform, practitioners should submit a reflection on applying training from the EdTech modules in practice. For three-star badges, they must submit a resource they have created to support updated teaching and learning practice, together with a reflection on the impact that the resource has had on delivery and the learning experience of students.

The two- and three-star badge scheme has just been extended to the Connected and Effective: Working at Home and The Digital Teacher categories of modules, as well as the Accessibility and Dealing with Difference and Diversity categories.

The role of the Reviewer is to assess the online reflections or resources that practitioners have submitted for two- or three-star digital badges. Reviewers will provide confidential online feedback and will be able to award a two- or three-star badge if the submission meets the criteria. The process will be anonymous for both parties.

Super Contributors and Reviewers will work alongside the ETF’s EdTech team, bringing their expertise to the role by providing specific feedback in relation to different elements of the Digital Teaching Professional Framework, the ETF’s national EdTech competency framework. Reviewers will also use their expertise to guide practitioners, suggesting reading, resources or strategies that they could consider in order to develop their practice further.

Both roles are voluntary, and the time commitment is flexible. New Reviewers will initially be mentored and offered support in short weekly meetings. Once a Reviewer Badge has been awarded, Reviewers will need to commit to undertaking between three and nine reviews per month or nine to 27 reviews per term to retain their badge status.

Evidence from the Reviewer role will be also eligible for submission to gain Advanced Teacher Status. In addition, it is envisaged that the knowledge and skills developed in both roles will be able to contribute to gaining EdTech Teacher Status, should this be launched in the sector.

Super Contributor and Reviewer badges are currently available for 2021 and will be renewable annually. For the renewal process badge holders will be asked to comment on their experiences and on what they have gained from being involved.

Vikki Liogier, the ETF’s National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills, said:

“The number of submissions for EdTech digital badges on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform is growing and we are now keen to develop a supportive community of practice for those practitioners who have posted reflections or resources. The overall aim is to stimulate pedagogic dialogue about use of EdTech across the FE sector. These new roles present a unique professional development opportunity for teachers and managers to contribute to a national community of practice and to gain national recognition for doing so.”

ETF Associate Tricia Odell helped to develop the new roles, alongside three other moderation panel members, and commented:

“Becoming a Super Contributor or a Reviewer provides a really valuable professional development opportunity because it enables you to find out how other teachers and managers are using educational technology to support learners in a variety of contexts – in other words, it’s a great way of keeping up to date. It’s also rewarding to help other practitioners.”

The two new roles are aligned to the ETF’s EdTech Strategy 2018-2021, in particular Strategic Priority 5, which focuses on Sustainability: To place the FE and Training sector stakeholders at the centre of all our services and engage them in service developments and quality improvement, while encouraging the use of digital products to expand their own services and promote sustainability.

The new roles are a further step in helping to build sustainable communities of EdTech and digital skills practice, which are led by practitioners for practitioners.

To express interest in either of the new roles, please apply online here:

Apply to become an Enhance DTP Super Contributor here.

Apply to become an Enhance DTP Reviewer here.

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