New resources released by the ETF to support career development of teachers and trainers

New resources mapping the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers to the career development of practitioners have been released by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). First published by the ETF in 2014, the Professional Standards have been developed with sector professionals and experts and are now widely used to support and inspire professional learning and career development.

After extensive consultation with the sector, the Standards have been updated in 2022 to reflect emerging trends and priorities in the sector and wider society. The new resources show how these refreshed Standards relate to career progression and frame the way in which practitioners’ values, knowledge and skills might develop over time.

The three career stages which form the basis of the new resources are defined as:

  • Early Career: teachers and trainers who are developing the craft of teaching and learning, driven by a desire to achieve competence in each of the Standards.
  • Experienced: teachers and trainers with several years or teaching behind them who have developed high levels of confidence around their practice and who are likely to be more centrally located and influential in their teaching communities.
  • Advanced: teachers and trainers who are likely to have more than five years of professional practice behind them and are well-known to colleagues for championing and influencing good practice and the design of organisational initiatives to improve the learner experience.

The three stages and the characteristics that define them are based on rigorous research and observation of effective practice in the development of teaching and learning in the sector.

Paul Tully, Professionalism Manager at the ETF commented, “These resources provide a degree of clarity in terms of how an educator’s values, knowledge and skills might be expected to evolve over time. The progress that teachers and trainers will make will depend on their circumstances and the developmental opportunities available to them, and individuals will progress against each of the 20 Professional Standards at different rates, but the aim is to provide a helpful framework to support reflection and enable a sense of achievement.”

The new resources mapping the Professional Standards to the three career stages are available for download.

For all the latest information and resources on the updated Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers, please visit the ETF website.

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