QTLS registration window now open for January 2020 cohort

The window is now open for Society for Education and Training (SET) members to register for the next cohort undertaking Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status, which will begin in January 2020.

Aimed at teachers, trainers and professionals working in the Further Education and Training sector, QTLS is a nationally-recognised status which SET members can gain by successfully completing a “professional formation” process, enabling practitioners to develop and demonstrate skills and knowledge through their practice.

With more organisations requiring QTLS as part of their job criteria, SET is expecting to see another steady increase in uptake over the next year. Underpinned by the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers, QTLS helps professionals to critically reflect on the difference the process has had on their practice and learners.

As part of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), SET is the only organisation which can confer this badge of professionalism, allowing teachers and trainers to gain the professional recognition they deserve. Recent statistics reveal that 92 per cent of successful applicants say that QTLS has had a positive impact on their practice.

Impact on practice

“It forced me to challenge my boring assessment methods! I made it my mission to improve this during professional formation and really went for it. I knew I should have been doing this a couple of years ago but had little drive to improve sadly – but QTLS pushed me. I was then encouraged to share this with others, so it also helped others to challenge and improve their professional practice.”

Impact on learners

“I now use more socratic questioning and understand stretch and challenge more. By incorporating this into lessons, it has not only stretched the more able students, but encouraged all students to have a go at challenging concepts.”

“In most cases, my learners maintained or improved their grades; they also improved their motivation to learn, interaction with peers and teachers as well as their self-esteem and communication skills.”

“I have been able to share my new knowledge and skills with colleagues at team meetings, and as a result some of my colleagues have adapted their practice and tried out some of the ideas I have given them.”

Impact on organisations

“There has been one unexpected benefit.  After professional discussions about the QTLS, colleagues in the faculty have agreed to meet regularly to discuss our practice and wider subject-specialist research. There has been an improvement in student retention rates.”

More than 22,000 practitioners already hold this nationally-recognised status, enabling them to develop and demonstrate their skills and knowledge through practice, and helping them to drive up professional standards in the sector.

Key benefits of QTLS

Undertaking QTLS:

  • enhances your career prospects
  • offers recognition of your status as a professional teacher or trainer
  • is valuable CPD that will enhance your knowledge and skills, and build your confidence
  • is an opportunity to engage with relevant educational theory and research and work collaboratively with colleagues to improve your practice
  • allows you to use the initials as a designation and display an MSET QTLS digital pin on your online profiles
  • it is recognised in law as having parity with QTS.

Additionally, QTLS sets you on the pathway to Advanced Teacher Status (ATS), which recognises mastery level expertise for experienced teachers and trainers.

QTLS timeline

Registrations for the next QTLS cohort opened on 2 December 2019 and will close on 17 January, 2020. Participants will gain access to their online workbooks on 20 January, to be completed by the end of June 2020

SET offers continuous support to all those undertaking the badge of professionalism through local network group events, webinars, live webchats, and a dedicated Facebook group page with an online community of more than 900 members. In addition, SET members can benefit from an interactive Professional Standards Research Tool, which was redesigned earlier this year.

Find out more and register on the SET website.

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