Recruitment open for ‘Mastering Maths’ research study

Recruitment is open for ‘Mastering Maths’, a large scale randomised controlled trial that will build on work done by the Education and Training Foundation’s (ETF) Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) in 2021–22. That work saw students who experienced the mastery approaches gain up to two months extra learning in comparison to those who did not.

The new study, which is being led by the University of Nottingham, Education and Endowment Foundation and National Centre for Social Research, will involve 160 college settings. Half will use the mastery approach (the intervention group) and the other half will teach normally, acting as the control group.

Applications to participate can be made by completing this form. For further information about the study, see Any queries about the study should be addressed to:

To find out more about, and access legacy resources from, the CfEM project – including schemes of work, lesson resources and research evidence – visit the CfEM pages on the ETF website.