Sainsbury review and the Post-16 Skills Plan

The Education and Training Foundation today warmly welcomed the Sainsbury review and the Post-16 Skills Plan published today.

ETF Chief Executive David Russell said :

“There is a great deal to like about the review. It is realistic in its assessment of the challenges facing our country. It is serious about setting a reform timescale that can be delivered. And it is unambiguous that our FE and Training system is the solution, not the problem.

But most of all, it has at its heart of vision of high aspiration and technical excellence for our country. It explicitly rejects a model where vocational education is a route of second-choice, the aim of which is to provide purposeful activity for those who will not succeed academically. Instead it envisages a technical education route of choice which is rigorous, relevant and demanding, with a clear line of sight to the occupational areas needed in our society and economy.

Achieving the Sainsbury vision will require an excellently skilled and highly qualified teaching workforce of ‘dual professionals’. The ETF will work with other key partners to help ensure Government’s investment in this vision translates into excellent sustained outcomes on the ground. We are not starting from scratch – our Teach Too and Two Way Street programmes have already broken new ground in technical education practice. Visit our new exhibition site on the Excellence Gateway to see how the future is already arriving.”

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