Social value in the Further Education and Skills sector: call for evidence

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is delighted to invite the Further Education (FE) and Skills sector to contribute to an important piece of research that will explore the definition of social value in the context of FE and Skills, and how providers understand social value.

As part of this research, colleagues across the sector are invited to complete a short survey and submit evidence on specific examples of ways in which their institution has helped to build social value for learners, staff and/or wider communities. All those who respond by the deadline of 31 July 2024 will be helping the sector to develop recommendations for policy makers to integrate concepts and practice relating to social value in the FE and Skills sector.   

Social value can be understood as a measure of the impact of FE and Skills. This impact can be felt in different ways and is likely to include the following:

  • learning as a positive influence on people’s lives and well-being
  • progression into meaningful work or further learning
  • improving social mobility
  • engaging people who have been traditionally excluded from education and/or career development opportunities
  • developing opportunities that reduce inequality and/or improving people’s earning potential
  • helping learners to develop a social, civic and/or environmental conscience
  • developing community cohesion.  

ETF invites practitioners and leaders to submit evidence of one or more of the indicators being met at their organisation. This list is not exhaustive, and participants are invited to look more deeply into the topic, for example on the Social Value UK website, for further information.   

ETF is leading this research on behalf of the sector. As a charity, ETF unites people, ideas, research, and best practices from across FE and Skills to build a sustainable future for the sector. By enhancing the sector’s knowledge base, leadership, and workforce, we unlock its full potential, transforming the lives of all who work and learn within it. Our focus is to foster social mobility and economic prosperity, and to ensure the sector’s continued growth and impact. 

Completing the survey via this form and submitting examples should only take a few minutes. The deadline for responses is 31 July 2024.