Subsidised ETF courses revealed for SET members

The Society for Education and Training (SET) is offering its members the opportunity to save up to £80 on a selection of Education and Training Foundation (ETF) courses focusing on digital skills, maths and English.

As an additional exclusive for SET members, who are already entitled to the ETF’s exclusive offer of 15% off courses, there are a set number of places available for the following courses. The only cost to SET members is a £20 administration fee.

The courses available to book under the subsidy are:

Maths and English Pipeline:

Digital Skills Enhancement Programme:

Embedding digital literacy into the curriculum

Digital literacy is now as important as maths and English as employers demand digital skills in a world where they are an essential part of everyday working life. A range of recent government reports acknowledged a potential digital skills gap, addressed in part by the inclusion of digital literacy in the new apprenticeship standards and the proposed technical and vocational reforms.

These changes will mean that the education workforce will need the skills to embed digital literacy into the curriculum. Research undertaken by the ETF across 40 organisations showed that 70% of respondents felt their digital literacy skills were insufficient, but practitioners wanted to change this.

In response to these findings, the ETF has developed a range of digital skills development courses. For example, the ‘Digital tools for assessment’ course is aimed at teachers, trainers and assessors in the learning and skills sector who would like to integrate technology supported assessment into their delivery strategies.

Developing skills for the digital revolution

Each course is designed to help practitioners build their digital skills and confidence in using them effectively in teaching and learning. SET members can also benefit from a free online self-assessment tool and introductory modules on improving and applying their digital skills. Find out more by visiting the Foundation Online (FOL) website.

How do I access this offer?

  1. Call ETF booking support on 0800 0831 830.
  2. Quote ‘Subsidised SET places’ and your membership number.
  3. Your booking will be processed and you’ll be asked to pay a £20 administration fee.
  4. If you have any questions specifically about the courses, please email booking support.

Please note: Only one course place is available per person.

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