The ETF response to the Black FE Leadership Group’s open letter on systemic racism in Further Education

At the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) we are very conscious of the need to improve diversity within the Further Education (FE) workforce, including through how we live out our own ETF value of Inclusion.

It is vital for significant change to happen so that Black colleagues and others with Protected Characteristics are able to see themselves at senior levels in the future because they see others in those positions now: representation is one vital dimension of achieving equality and inclusion.

At FE leadership level, we run courses on overcoming unconscious bias; deliver coaching for aspiring BAME leaders and governors; and have resources to help leaders challenge and resolve structural bias within their organisations. We have recently been in discussions with the Department for Education on how they can help us to provide more support.

Over the coming months, we will be working with the Association of Colleges (AoC) and others to address the broad issues that you raise at both a practical level and a whole FE system level. We will continue to engage with the Department for Education on the issue. We also want to listen and work with existing Black leaders and role models on how we can address the change we need at a system level and in colleges.

The ETF’s aim is to help create a genuinely diverse, equal and inclusive workforce and wider culture in Further Education. We are very pleased to work in partnership with all who share those goals, and we welcome this offer of support, cooperation and leadership from the Black FE Leadership Group.

David Russell
Chief Executive Officer
Education and Training Foundation

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