TLPD offer helping governance professionals ready their institutions for T Levels

Governors, trustees and governance professionals at the provider institutions that will deliver T Levels in their initial years of availability are gearing up by participating in specialist CPD provided by the Education and Training Foundation as part of its T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer. The events help participants to explore the implications of T Level delivery in their institutions as a means of supporting senior leaders in critical decision-making relating to the implementation of these courses.

Governors, trustees and governance professionals who have already attended events in Durham, London and Manchester, said that their awareness of the significant changes ahead and what they would mean for their organisations had been raised. The events had created a recognition that providers need a clear strategy to enable the effective implementation of T Levels, and of the importance of having local and national employers involved in ensuring students benefit from industry placements, delegates reported.

Specific actions attendees would undertake following the events included working with other governors and leaders to create and implement strategies for T Level implementation, and ensuring staff and managers at their institutions are accessing the elements of the TLPD offer that are available to them.

This support is also available – subject to availability – for in-house delivery.

For details of the broader ETF T Level Professional Development offer, visit the TLPD area of the website and sign up to receive the ETF’s TLPD bulletin.

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