Voices of the FE Sector Document published

A group of education leaders have collected, edited and published a series of articles to capture the voices of leaders within the Further Education sector.

The Voices of the Further Education Sector: The purpose of the Further Education Sector Now? document showcases a wide range and powerful set of voices, including a thought-provoking piece from the Education and Training Foundation’s (ETF) CEO David Russell.

The selection of articles are the result of an Oxford University Saϊd Business School and ETF-sponsored further education (FE) Strategic Leadership Programme whereby participants were asked to identity a spectrum where FE was more aligned to private sector commercialism, or adding public value.

As a result of the range of responses, the group of leaders have attempted to understand what the purpose of FE is, and if it still has intrinsic relevance.

“We are very proud that we have pulled together a wide range and powerful set of voices. It is rich in thinking and values,” says Stuart Rimmer, CEO and Principal of East Coast College.

Download Voices of the Further Education Sector: The Purpose of Further Education Sector Now? and join the conversation #purpose4FE.

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