Webinars to test modules for teachers of English as additional language

Places can now be booked on two interactive webinars for teachers of English grammar and literacy to speakers of other languages that take place on Monday 11 February. The webinars will present draft versions of two new online learning modules for feedback to ensure they meet the needs of the profession. Their content has been developed by subject experts from the National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA) and Learning Unlimited.

The first webinar will present the Teaching basic literacy to ESOL learners module which is aimed at English for Speakers of Other languages (ESOL) teachers, trainers and support assistants who would like to improve their knowledge and skills in teaching basic literacy. It will focus on developing an initial understanding of what is involved in reading and writing at beginner level and suggest starting points for working with learners. It takes place from 2.30pm to 3pm and you can register for it here. at: http://bit.do/ESOL_Webinar1.

The second, which will take place from 3.15pm to 3.45pm, is for trained English GCSE and Functional Skills English practitioners, who are not trained ESOL teachers, but are keen to better meet the needs of ESOL learners in their classes. The module it will present, Grammar support for ESOL learners in English Functional Skills and GCSE classes, aims to better equip teachers to identify common grammar mistakes their ESOL learners may be making and better support their learners to recognise and respond to them. You can register for it at: http://bit.do/ESOL_Webinar2.

For both sessions, the technical requirements are:

  • a good internet connection
  • a set of headphones, in-earphones (such as those you would use for a mobile phone or tablet), or a mic-phones headset
  • software which can be downloaded in advance from: https://zoom.us/download
  • that you have tested your equipment and audio in advance of the session by visiting: http://zoom.us/test. More information is available at Zoom support.
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