EdTech Strategy 2018-21 and Framework

A key part of our EdTech strategy is to foster robust and close partnerships with FE and Training organisations to ensure that digital technology can enhance learning. We have been, and will continue, to work closely and in consultation with these various organisations to meet their digital needs and to support them in delivering excellence in teaching.

We are already starting to implement positive changes through our Pedagogic Digital Skills Competency Framework. The framework is aimed at supporting teachers and trainers in developing their digital skills, enhancing learning, teaching and assessment, and promote a common understanding.

One hundred and seventy five micro-learning modules have been produced and mapped from the framework, which teachers and trainers can complete at their own pace. These modules are responsive and accessible on all devices. Those who complete the micro-learning modules will receive online badges to provide them with recognition of their improved digital skills – and these are portable and can be displayed on their CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

The Enhance Management Dashboard facility is designed to support organisations’ specific digital capability needs and progress. Further EdTech tailored services will be offered under a cost-recovery model.

Vikki Liogier, the ETF’s National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills said:

“This strategy is about how the ETF can best support the Further Education and Training sector in harnessing new technologies to maximise learning outcomes – it is a three-year roadmap for digital technology to ensure excellence in teaching, learning and assessment. The ETF 2022-25 Digital Capabilities Strategy is currently being developed“.