EdTech and Digital Skills case studies

EdTech Case studies

2021-22 EdTech case studies

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North Hertfordshire College

How Now North Hertfordshire College tested a hybrid teaching model, combined with use of video to facilitate different approaches to assessment.

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Weymouth College

This project, undertaken by Weymouth College, focused on extending digital skills and teaching approaches to deliver in a hybrid setting.

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Loughborough College 1

This project was focused on digital accessibility, answering the question “How can EdTech platforms and accessible tools be used to create a more inclusive learning environment for learners?”

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Loughborough College 2

This project focused on extending staff’s digital skills and pedagogies to deliver in a hybrid setting. The College had already started hybrid learning, but staff needed to build skills for this type of delivery to ensure consistency of learning experience for onsite and offsite learners.

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Step2Skills 1

This project focused on developing digital skills to support inclusive hybrid delivery in the Step2Skills new digital learning hub. This is equipped specifically to support hybrid learning, which is when learners are simultaneously attending the same delivery session from different learning spaces.

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Step2Skills 2

This project focused on engaging learners and maintaining good mental health when delivering remotely and in hybrid settings, looking in particular at ‘flipped learning’ and use of Google Classrooms.

2020-21 EdTech case studies

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Hertfordshire Adult Family Learning Service

How the Hertfordshire Adult Family Learning Service team extended their EdTech and digital skills using the ETF’s Enhance DTP in a Reflective Exploration.

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Burnley College

How staff in the Construction department at Burnley College explored use of educational technology (EdTech) to develop and innovate their teaching practice and work collaboratively.

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A1 Social Care

A1 Social Care undertook a Reflective Exploration in the use of educational technology (EdTech) to give staff the confidence and skills to make online learning more engaging and inclusive.

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Fareham College

How Engineering and Fashion lecturers at Fareham College explored the use of EdTech to develop and innovate their teaching practice and share learnings.

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Training provider REMIT undertook a Reflective Exploration in use of educational technology (EdTech) to help staff develop their digital pedagogy and explore digital teaching tools.

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ACL Essex

How ACL Essex invited teachers from the ESOL and Family Learning teams to develop their teaching practices using educational technology (EdTech) focusing on digital accessibility.

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Essential Digital Skills (EDS) Case studies 

2021-22 EDS Case studies

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New City College

In the academic year 2020-21, New City College delivered EDS qualifications to over 800 learners with good pass rates, making it the largest provider of EDS qualifications nationally. In October 2021, the college joined the EDS Champions programme

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HSDC (Havant and South Downs College) will deliver EDS qualifications from September 2022 so wanted to consider how to run these qualifications effectively with learners and, more broadly, how to embed EDS into their vocational curriculum.

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Birmingham Adult Education Service

BAES’ Reflective Exploration project was to help ESOL tutors develop the confidence and digital skills to enable their learners to access online learning resources, become more confident and prepare to enrol on the EDS Entry 3 course.

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Runway Training

Runway Training wanted to explore scalable approaches for upskilling staff and make available a standard but adaptable collection of resources to support the introduction of EDS across all provision.

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The WEA is the largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in England. They works with over 2,000 ESOL learners annually so decided to focus their Reflective Exploration on their ESOL provision.

2020-21 EDS Case studies

Barnsley Adult Skills and Community Learning Service (ASCL)

Manchester Adult Education Service

The digital skills team at Manchester Adult Education Service (MAES) has just started delivering Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQs) with the Gateway awarding body after running five pilot courses.

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Weymouth College

When the first Covid-19 lockdown was introduced, Weymouth College staff had to adopt remote teaching in line with colleges up and down the country. Determined to support staff to improve their digital skills and use of educational technology (EdTech), they introduced the ETF’s Enhance Digital Teaching Platform to staff across the organisation.

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Barnsley Adult Skills and Community Learning Service

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s adult skills and community learning (ASCL) service made it a priority to offer the new digital entitlement to Barnsley residents as soon as it became available in September 2020. They have found that an introductory course has been necessary to scaffold learners’ skills and confidence up to Entry 3 level and have now had success in helping learners to achieve EDSQs.

EDS CPD Programme Case Studies: New City College

New City College

New City College took part in the initial consultation by the Gateway awarding body which aimed to explore what the Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQs) based on the new national standards should look like. This is the story of a strategic whole-college approach to implementing EDSQs at Entry 3 and Level 1.

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Islington Adult Community Learning Service

At Islington Adult Community Learning (ACL) Service, staff have launched their first Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ) Entry Level 3 course using the Gateway awarding body and are now preparing to deliver the Level 1 programme. They have also commissioned ESOL tutors to design and deliver introductory courses of four weeks with bespoke resources to help learners reach a level where they can access the Essential Digital Skills (EDS) courses.

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Coventry City Council Adult Education Service

Coventry City Council Adult Education Service (AES) has been running pilot courses for the new Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQs). They have run two pilot courses so far and are now undertaking a third in the summer term 2021 before moving into full delivery in September. Due to the delay in their awarding body (TLM) receiving authorisation by Ofsted for EDSQs, they decided in the interim to run non-accredited pilot programmes. 

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Adult Community Learning Essex

The ESOL team at Adult Community Learning Essex (ACL Essex) has been preparing to embed the new Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQs) in their ESOL provision by developing an introductory course for lower-level ESOL learners. This is the story of the team’s progress to date, reflecting on successes, challenges and next steps.

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Swindon Borough Council Adult Community Learning Service

Swindon Borough Council’s Adult Community Learning Service is focused on supporting targeted Swindon residents to progress in life, work and wellbeing, most have no or low-level qualifications. The team has made embedding and visibility of digital skills alongside maths and English a priority across all provision. This is the story of the distance travelled by the team in embracing digital skills for both staff and learners since 2019.

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