Leadership mentoring programme

The ETF Leadership Mentoring Programme will support participants’ career and professional development in the context of the challenges faced by FE and training providers.

It will strengthen individual leaders’ leadership capacity and support the growth of a diverse leadership pipeline.

who are new in post or facing challenging circumstances
Chief Finance Officers
Senior Managers

Mentoring conversation between a man and woman

Black and minority ethnic communities; disabled people and people who identify as LGBTQIA+

This DfE funded programme provides six sessions of confidential mentoring which is free to participants.

The mentors are FE practitioners with substantial experience in the sector. Those mentoring principals and CFOs will be former principals or chief finance officers themselves. Senior manager mentors will have extensive experience as managers in FE and training.

If Principals/CEO applicants require quality improvement rather than career and professional support, the ETF will direct applicants to the DfE National Leader Programme.

The mentoring will take place from September to March and will be based on regular meetings at times agreed between the mentor and mentee. Applicants will be matched with a mentor closely aligned to their own and their college, adult education provider or ITP’s experiences. The focus on the mentoring sessions is decided by the mentee in consultation with the mentor but will aim to support personal and career development.

The mentoring will take place virtually but the programme for Principals/CEOs will include one college visit.

We may ask mentees for feedback on the mentoring scheme. Any responses will be anonymised.

Get in touch
To find out more about the mentoring programme email: selina.stewart.associate@etfoundation.co.uk

Testimonials from participants of previous ETF mentoring programmes

I have gained so much in terms of validation of my own performance, discussing new ideas/methods and models of leadership and management, access to a sounding board and another avenue for being introduced to new connections in the sector.”


From the outset my mentor listened to why I wanted to work with a mentor and what I was trying to achieve and has tailored their input around my requirements.  The mentor was able to provide a framework and guidance on some of the key responsibilities of a CEO which made me think about the type of CEO I want to be and type of organisation I want to help create and how I might to do that.”


My mentor has been such an effective mentor. Her impact on my development was nothing short of remarkable. From the outset we mutually agreed which areas of development we would be focusing on. Each session was carefully organised to ensure maximum progress could be made. The sessions were significantly challenging, taking me out of my comfort zone and stretching my thinking and outlook towards to a strategic perspective. As a result of the mentoring, I have been able to apply my leadership skills more effectively in my role and this has already had significant benefits for both myself and the organisation. I am now embarking on my first executive leadership role, and I know that her support and supervision gave me the confidence to excel in the interview process.”

Middle/Senior Manager