English and maths

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The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has a wide range of fully funded CPD courses and resources to support maths and English delivery. The courses are for practitioners at all levels and stages of their development. Courses have been categorised as:

  • Introductory courses
  • Extended (for more experienced practitioners)
  • All levels (useful for everyone).

Our offer has been carefully designed to provide solutions to concerns around progress in post-16 maths and English attainment.

The ETF and our expert delivery partners are running a range of maths and English courses. The suite of courses is designed to meet the CPD needs of all maths and English practitioners in the Further Education and Training sector.

To support busy practitioners, courses are primarily made up of short and focused, one-hour webinars and two-hour interactive courses. This is to enable practitioners to build up specific subject and pedagogical knowledge and skills through regular and ongoing rhythm of CPD.

Most courses can be done on their own and in any order, but are designed to be undertaken as a package, according to individual needs, skills and knowledge.

CPD courses and resources

We also have online modules and learning resources 

  • Online modules and self-evaluation tools to develop your personal maths or English skills at level 2, with some extension to level 3
  • A range of tools, resources and case studies on the Excellence Gateway, our resources portal with dedicated maths and English sites
  • Resources for teaching ESOL learners in mainstream FE classrooms as well as dedicated ESOL resources for practitioners teaching new to ESOL learners

Accessing courses and resources will help raise the standard of teaching, the attainment of learners and better prepare them for key maths and English skills in the workplace, or further study.