CfEM Professional development

The CfEM programme featured a wide range of professional development opportunities, delivered both nationally and locally within CfEM networks. This included face-to-face and on-line delivery, with input from national and international experts, but also from teachers in CfEM colleges related to their action research and lived experiences.

The greatest impact, however, was achieved through professional development which involved teachers working together as a team to build their knowledge and expertise over a period of time.  Two modes of delivery were particularly prominent here:

  • Action research
  • Lesson study

In both cases, teachers benefited from outside expertise and research, and were supported by mentors or lead teachers.  Importantly, they were encouraged to make their own decisions, take risks, and to put their learning into practice within their own context.

To support colleges who would like to emulate these approaches, this section contains links to practical guidance to develop action research and lesson study as a form of professional development within the FE sector.

In addition, this section also provides access to resources for those delivering and participating in the 18-hour Teaching for Mastery in FE maths course. This modular course was developed and piloted as part of the CfEM programme.

Maths activity cards being handled

Action research

Including the CfEM Action Research for Professional Development guide, plus reports from CfEM action research projects.
Maths activity at a table

Lesson study toolkit

A toolkit to support colleges wishing to apply the processes successfully used in the CfEM Teaching for Mastery research trial.
Staff sat round table with tablets

Teaching for Mastery in FE maths modular course

Full course materials for those delivering or participating in this 18-hour modular course.