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Mentoring at the Education and Training Foundation

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) advocate an approach to mentoring and coaching of teachers in the Further Education and Training sector which is:  

  • developmental and nurturing in nature  
  • rooted in collaboration and support  
  • adaptable to the individual needs of the mentee/coachee.  

The ETF also believe that in order for this mentoring approach to flourish it requires an organisational commitment to developmental mentoring and a broader learning culture.

For general enquiries about how ETF can support with mentoring please contact

T Level Leadership Mentoring

If you are leading on delivery or the planning for delivery of one or multiple T Levels, you may be interested in our T Level Leadership Mentoring Programme. You may be in a middle manager position, or you may simply be leading the T Level or an element of it, e.g. curriculum, recruitment, industry placements. A specialist mentor will help you grow your leadership and management skills through coaching and reflection, whilst exploring your motivations, strengths and areas for development in relation to your T Level delivery.