Resources for Mentors

Welcome to the ‘Mentors’ section of the Mentoring Training Hub. Here you will find dedicated resources and development opportunities that are specifically aimed at mentors and coaches of practitioners in Further Education and Training.

Mentors talking at event

FE mentoring framework and guides for mentors

Mentoring and coaching have the potential to be one of the most effective forms of professional development for teachers and trainers, including early career practitioners. However, in order to be effective, there are a series of practices which need to be enacted – these are outlined in the following FE mentoring framework and accompanying guides. We hope you find them helpful.

There is a separate publication for mentors and coaches specialising in EdTech containing  10 suggested professional development activities: 

Mentoring resources created by the FE sector

These resources have been created by FE and Training providers for the sector. You may wish to use them to help manage the delivery of mentoring, or development of materials, for your own organisation.

The ETF is not responsible for the content contained in these resources and we do not guarantee that they will be suitable for your specific needs or that they will help you to achieve a particular result.  Their inclusion on this website is for general information purposes only and should not be understood as an endorsement by the ETF.

Suggested Coaching Questions for Professional Learning Conversation - Produced by Nelson and Colne CollegeDownload this resource
Barking and Dagenham Approach to Mentoring ExampleDownload this resource
Loughborough College Coaching and Mentoring ModelDownload this resource
Mentor Training Needs Analysis - Produced by Lincoln CollegeDownload this resource
Mentee Application Form - Produced by Raise the BarDownload this resource
Mentoring Application Form - Produced by Raise the BarDownload this resource
Mentoring Policy - Produced by Raise the BarDownload this resource
Mentoring Programme Presentation - Produced by Raise the BarDownload this resource

Webinars for mentors

Mentor CPD webinar

We offered two webinars for mentors and coaches in the Further Education and Training sector. These webinars were open to teachers who:

  • have trained previously in mentoring and want a refresher
  • are completely new to mentoring
  • may be thinking about progressing to our other mentor training programmes.

Taster webinar

The first webinar was a taster. You could watch on-demand by clicking on the video on this page. It offered a taster of what to expect from our wider training offer.

Live webinar

The second webinar was a live, interactive event. This webinar supported attendees to: 

  • Explain effective practice in developmental mentoring.  
  • Explore tools and strategies for developmental mentoring including the ONSIDE model.  
Our short, on-demand mentor training for mentors video.