British values and Prevent for adult learners

These resources can be used to teach about the Prevent duty and British values to adult learners.

The ETF Prevent videos

These videos deal with British values and extremism and are designed for Entry 2 and Entry 3 adult learners:

Michael and Joy
A drama from ETF on preventing extremism and radicalisation for adult learners (with subtitles). The video consists of interviews with a female adult learner whose son has been radicalised and an older adult male learner who was radicalised.

ETF documentary: British values
The ETF British values video for adult learners. The video consists of interviews from learners talking about what British values mean to them. It provides examples that will prompt learners to think about what British values mean to them.

Accompanying resources:

Julie Bentley Consulting ESOL materials

Learn My Way
A website with free online courses for adult beginners, helping you develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.

Bradford College ESOL activity on propaganda

Looking at ways that images and posters are used to persuade us:

Additional British values resources

Values discussions
Ideas for a short discussion

British values game