Side by Side and facilitator guide

Side by Side is a free resource about radicalisation, safeguarding and British values provided by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

Our Side by Side modules have been used by over 700k learners and staff to raise awareness of the dangers of radicalisation and extremism to learners. Read more about the launch of Side by Side.

About the resources

The Side by Side package consists of two introductory drama videos, four modules and four knowledge checks. There is also an accompanying facilitator guide with ideas about how the resources might be used and activities to develop and extend learning.

The drama videos

The two introduction videos set the scene for modules 1-3. These videos tell the story of Mark and Louise and how they both became involved in extremist activity (without specifying exactly what that is). They are told from the perspectives of Louise’s parents and Mark’s brother.

The modules

There are four modules:

  • Radicalisation and extremism
  • Staying safe online
  • What can you trust?
  • British values.

Learners can go through these modules independently on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. There is also a smart board or projector version for staff to use in class. There is a facilitator guide with advice and additional activities for use with groups or for one-to-one lessons.

Assessments and certificate

At the end of each module, there is a knowledge check consisting of 10 questions.  Learners can take the assessments at the end of each module and if they get 7/10 or above, they will be able to download a certificate. If provider organisations want to track progress, there is a tracking available.

Once logged in, see the staff section of the website for further details.

The tutorial or pastoral programme is an important area for the delivery of the Prevent duty, but it is also important that all staff are aware of their role in preventing radicalisation and extremism and promoting British values. Ofsted will inspect how curriculum staff are finding opportunities to exemplify and promote British values in their teaching.

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