Employer Opportunities

Employer Opportunities

With the introduction of the new T Level qualifications, it has been recognised that those preparing to deliver these new qualifications, will need support from employers. Industry Insights aim to provide staff in the Further Education sector exposure to modern practice, but we need people in industry to support us. 

What are the benefits for you as an employer?

This is a unique opportunity to influence how the future workforce will be trained, as well as ensuring learners have the most up-to-date industry knowledge.

Investing in your future workforce:

  • You will be influencing the skills, knowledge and behaviours being taught to T Level students, ensuring young people taking up employment in your sector are equipped for their career.
  • You can develop a relationship with the lecturers who are training your future workforce and use that link to continue to influence your pipeline of talent for years to come.

Extending your reach and impact.

  • An opportunity for you and your staff to develop a wider appreciation of your own industry, as they reinforce the understanding of their roles, when they share their knowledge.
  • Improve relations with local schools and colleges.
  • Enhancing you and your company’s reputation and encouraging business growth.

Keep up to date with the latest information by contacting our Industry Insights team.

There are 5 activities for employers. All have been designed to be as flexible as possible so it can adapt to your needs, timescales and preferences. See below to look at the different activities and discover how you can get involved. 

1) Individual Placements

One-to-five-day placement: On a short placement lecturers would be shadowing someone in your company, watching as they complete their daily tasks. With longer placements, we would expect lecturers to be involved in performing tasks needed to keep them current with industry.   

  • Conducted face-to-face.
  • Up to five days which can be undertaken consecutively or spread over five weeks.

Virtual Work Placement: Virtual placements offer a flexible alternative to attending placements in person. They are far more focused on discussing skills and knowledge with professionals, rather than observing them.

  • Conducted online.
  • One or two days, including any agreed learning activities if relevant.
  • Placement hours can take place over an agreed period, up to a maximum of six weeks.

2) Group Industry Placements

We need support from those who are either, industry leaders or highly experienced in their fields, to provide a placement to a group of teaching staff, to keep them forward thinking in their teaching.

  • Conducted face-to-face or virtually.
  • One day can take place over an agreed period up to six weeks.

3) Industry Mentoring

Mentoring is a hugely mutually beneficial experience. It helps lecturers sense check their curriculum and inject modern industry practice into all they do. Through Industry Mentoring you can share case studies and give examples of projects that could be replicated in the classroom.

  • Conducted online.
  • Eight hours of direct contact with your mentee.
  • Spread over an agreed period, up to a maximum of eight months.

4) Group Industry Collaboration

Designed to give a group of up to six participants, from different T Level providers, the opportunity to undertake a series of virtual sessions with you and work on a sample industry focused collaboration project.

  • Conducted online.
  • Three sessions, covering a range of areas specific to your industry, or careers within your industry.
  • Three collaboration sessions – where participants will work an industry focused collaboration project, set by you the employer. (Optional attendance, only)
  • One session is used for the collaboration group to present their project. Each session lasting two hours.

5) Industry Workshops

Bite-sized, topic-based webinars, aimed to update teaching staff about specific job roles, technology or procedures. One of the most highly rated activities, they are well respected and of great value to the sector. Read the Industry Workshops flyer for further information.

FAQs and further information

Who is the ETF?

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is a charity and is the expert body for professional development and standards in Further Education (FE) and Training in England. We have been commissioned by the Department for Education to develop and deliver the T Level Professional Development offer.

What are Industry Insights?

Industry Insights form part of the T Level Professional Development offer and allow staff involved in the delivery of T Levels to gain valuable experience and understanding of the subject they will be teaching by undertaking placements and virtual activities within a relevant industry. This means that learners undertaking T Levels are taught by staff with the most up-to-date knowledge from future employers.

Which industries do we need support from?

What are T Levels?

T Levels are new qualifications, launched September 2020, which prepare learners for entry into skilled employment, or higher-level technical study or education. The courses have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses so that the content meets the needs of industry and prepares learners for work. Find out more.

Still have questions? If you would like to discuss anything in more detail, please email our Employer Engagement team: industryinsights@etfoundation.co.uk