Industry Insights

Industry Insights provides you with a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills and update your industry knowledge by taking part in a range of industry related activities.

The Industry Insights programme offers several opportunities:

  • Industry Insights Placements
  • Group Industry Placements
  • Industry Workshops
  • Employer Partnerships and Industry Insights online course

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Industry Insights Placements

One-to-five-day individual work placements:
An opportunity to work with an organisation that you have identified, where you can observe professionals in their place of work, undertake tasks, and engage in day-to-day activities and discussions as agreed.

  • up to 5 days per academic year
  • remission payment available for your organisation of up to £400 per full day (six hours)

Apply for an Individual Industry Placement

Group Industry Placements

Organised by the ETF, Group Industry Placements will provide you with the opportunity to meet with and hear from industry professionals considered leaders in their field. Joining FE colleagues across the country, these virtual or face-to-face events are designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of T Level subjects and how they are applied in industry by working professionals. Events can cover a wide range of topics, for example; current and future trends, new and emerging technologies, insights into existing projects, standards and practices in the day to day life of industry professionals plus career pathways and progression opportunities for T Level learners.

  • face-to-face or virtual
  • network and collaborate with other FE colleagues across the country
  • one full day or two half day sessions
  • remission payment available for your organisation of up to £400 per full day (six hours)

There is also the opportunity for you to organise a Group Industry Placement for yourself and your colleagues with an employer that you have identified. For more information, please contact:

Take a look at upcoming Group Industry Placements available for you to book now. 

Industry Workshops

Our bite-sized online Industry Workshops will build your industry knowledge for successful T Level delivery. You will hear sector specific updates or see a demonstration of the latest technology used in a particular industry. Each workshop is specific to a T Level route, covering a key component or practice associated with that sector. You will gain insights into current professional and industry practice to engage and inspire your learners and secure successful outcomes. 

  • 60 to 90 minutes long
  • workshop recordings are available to book on the PDP afterwards
  • no remission funding

Take a look at upcoming Industry Workshops available for you to book now or watch a recorded workshop

Employer Partnerships and Industry Insights online course

This course is for staff who are undertaking an Industry Insights work placement and for those responsible for engaging and working with employers. You will gain ideas for how to build and maintain effective working partnerships with employers and how to support their T Level planning, design and delivery to benefit their organisation as well as your learners and your own industry knowledge. 

  • Online course (TLPD13): Employer Partnerships and Industry Insights