Group Industry Placements

Group Industry Placements will provide you with the opportunity to experience the working practices of an employer considered a leader in their field.

Delivery is conducted face-to-face or virtually, and offering this as a group opportunity will enable you to discuss your learnings with others. Please note, the virtual group placements are not routinely recorded.

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Please see below a list of upcoming placements:

Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care

Agriculture, Environment, and Animal Care: Unearth knowledge: soil science and resource management

Date and time: Wednesday 24 January, 9.30am – 12.30pm

Speakers: Bruce Lascelles, UK Director of Sustainable Land Management at Arcadis and representing The British Society of Soil Science, Jessica Potts, Soil Consultant at Arcadis and Early Careers member of the British Society of Soil Science, and Chris Stapleton, Former Environmental Planning Consultant, The British Society of Soil Science and current Technical Director, Wallingford Hydrosolutions.

Summary: Soil is part of our critical life support system but has never received the protection that the other parts of our life support system (air, water and biodiversity) have received through legislation. Join Bruce Lascelles and Jessica Potts and learn more about:

What are soils?

  • soil types/mapping/variability
  • key soil characteristics
  • sources of soil information

What is soil function and soil health?

  • definitions of these concepts
  • why they are important?
  • the Soil–Life Nexus/link to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Pressures on soils

  • examples of soil degradation pathways
  • implications of soil degradation (cost, food security, malnutrition, etc.)

Soil policy

  • brief overview of policy and guidance
  • the critical importance of soil policy drivers to support positive change

Soils and sustainable land management

  • project examples covering
  • planning for sustainable soil re-use
  • managing soils on construction sites
  • soils and landscape/habitat creation
  • making soils for woodland creation on colliery spoil.

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Business and Administration

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Catering and Hospitality

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Construction and the Built Environment

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Creative and Design

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Digital: Destination digital – will we ever get there?

Date and time: Wednesday 6 December, 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Speakers: Rob Mettler, PA Consulting and IFATE Digital Route Panel Member, Matt Shorrock, Programme Manager, Experian, and Dave Aron, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner.

Summary: This live online afternoon session is aimed at those delivering or planning to deliver the Digital T Levels, particularly the T Levels in Digital Business Services and Digital Support Services.

Destination Digital – will we ever get there?

Rob Mettler’s focus is on helping clients adapt to an increasingly digital world. Rob has worked in digital for over 25 years with a wide range of sectors and clients and leads PA Consulting’s early careers digital apprenticeship programme. In Rob’s words: The pace of digital innovation is unrelenting. After multiple waves of innovation – web, mobile, ecommerce, social media, cloud, IoT and automation – there’s no stopping, with generative AI and quantum computing constituting the next wave. So how do we prepare our future talent for such a volatile and (un)predictable market?

During the session Rob will explore his view of the evolution of digital innovation over the last decade,
looking at what was predicted and what really happened. He will share real examples of how industry laggards have moved to leaders, and how some leaders have then become laggards. Rob will reflect on what that means for our digital talent pool and how educators can help prepare learners for the current and future needs of industry and society.

Artificial Intelligence: Hype or Reality?

Dave Aron is a Research Fellow at Gartner, a global research and advisory company. Dave is a thought leader and keynote speaker on business strategy, digital business strategy and IT strategy. He advises boards, executive committees, and C-level leaders on digital business strategy, Artificial Intelligence, the evolution of China’s digital giants and other macro trends and success strategies.

Although the topic has been around since the 1950s, AI is suddenly top of the agenda, for companies, countries and individuals. There are lots of big questions being asked about its impact on employment, competitiveness, ethics, truth and trust? Is this just hype, or is the upside and downside potential of AI as big as the news suggests?

Driving digital transformation and change in a complex environment

Matt Shorrock is a Transformation Programme Manager at Experian. As a Programme Manager with over 20 years software delivery and transformational change experience, he has successfully delivered change through design and implementation, into support and maintenance; giving quality, tightly governed, practical solutions within large, global organisations. Using examples from his years of experience, Matt will be discussing driving digital transformation and change in a complex environment, including discussion of:

  • identifying benefits for an organisation’s business case
  • choosing a delivery methodology for teams and stakeholders
  • creating engagement in a hybrid environment

Following the presentation there will be a live Q&A session.

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Digital: Empowering Data Ownership, Discoverability, and Democratisation

Date and time: Wednesday 13 March, 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Speakers: Matteo Sgrignoli, Senior Software Engineer in the Department of Advance Analytics and Data Engineering at Checkatrade, Adam Pattenden, Digital Innovation Manager at NatWest Bank, and Jak Dinsdale, Community Development and Partnerships Manager and Tori Whitely, Marketing Manager at the British Computer Society

Summary: Join us in this live online session for those planning and delivering the Digital T Levels with key industry professionals from NatWest, Checkatrade and the British Computer Society.

Matteo will cover:

  • What is meant by data ownership, discoverability, and democratisation?
  • Exact, Transform and Load (ETL) the end-to-end journey of data within Checkatrade’s ecosystem
  • the myriad of ways that data is used within
  • Checkatrade including analytics, reporting, powering applications, data feedback and driving machine learning models
  • the importance of collaboration amongst teams and pillars within the organisation
  • challenges in a data-driven environment including quality, availability and sources
  • data cataloguing, data dictionary and data ownership
  • testing data delivery and facilitating discoverability and democratisation through data cataloguing and ownership
  • Data Analysts vs. Artificial Intelligence: comparing roles in data processing and decision-making.

Jack and Tori will cover:

  • the BCS Digital T Level Support Programme designed to enrich students’ careers education with meaningful industry insight to guide them through their T Levels and beyond
  • the support available for the professional development of Digital T Level tutors, through BCS membership and professional registrations, including the Part-RITTech recognition and the Registration for IT Technicians (RITTech).
  • additional programme features

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Education and Early Years

Education and Early Years: An insight into Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and Alternative Provision (AP) schools

Date and time: Wednesday 6 December, 12.45pm – 3.45pm

Speakers: Ian Enwright, Executive Headteacher at Riversides School and Newbridge School and Dean Yarranton, Teacher at The Aspire Academy

Summary: This online Group Industry Placement will provide an insight and a deeper understanding of SEMH and AP schools. Join Ian Enwright and Dean Yarranton as they discuss:

  • the management and operations of the schools
  • the ethos and values
  • safeguarding
  • health and wellbeing of students
  • managing behaviour
  • SEND
  • working with others (local community, pupils, parents and other agencies).

There will also be the opportunity for networking with other T Level colleagues and time for Q&A sessions.

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Engineering and Manufacturing

There are currently no placements available. Please check again later.

Hair and Beauty

There are currently no placements available. Please check again later.

Health and Science

Healthcare Science with Great Ormond Street Hospital

Date and time: Thursday 7 December, 9.15am – 12.15pm

Speakers: Laurence O’Sullivan-Whiting, Workforce Development Lead – Apprenticeships, Victoria Heath, Deputy Trust Lead Healthcare Scientist/Biomedical Scientist in Virology and Immunology and Ansel Godinho, Practice Educator for Healthcare Science/Clinical Sleep Physiologist, Great Ormand Street Hospital

Summary: Come and join us for a morning with the Workforce Development Lead, Laurence O’Sullivan-Whiting and some of the Healthcare Scientists from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The session will cover :

  • the story of Great Ormond Street Hospital and their strategy in brief for growing their workforce of the future
  • an introduction to physiological sciences
  • the use of different physiological measurement tools with demonstrations
  • normal ranges and patient scenarios
  • health and safety in a clinical laboratory
  • an activity session – identifying the laboratory risks
  • an introduction to risk assessments
  • an activity session – completing a risk assessment

There will be a panel discussion to give you an opportunity to engage further with our speakers and ask questions.

How to book: To book onto this placement, please create an account or login to the Professional Development Platform.

Health and Science: A woman’s midwifery journey at Evelina London, part of Guys & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Date and time: Thursday 8 February 9am – 12.30pm

Speaker: Cherese Reid, Clinical Placement Facilitator, Morenike Folorunsho, Clinical Placement Facilitator
and Rachel Griffiths, Matron for Practice Learning.

Summary: This Health T Level Group Industry Placement will give participants an insight into a woman’s journey as she navigates her pregnancy and the potential specialist midwifery healthcare professionals she could meet along the way as part of that journey. There will be an interactive element to the event whereby participants will have the opportunity to feed into the care plan as well as a Q&A at the end with a panel of specialist mid-wives and the senior leadership team.

Our speakers on the day will include Cherese Reid and Morenike Folorunsho. Cherese has been a midwife for nine years. Her main areas of expertise and interest are in the antenatal and postnatal care of the mother and baby. She has been a core Postnatal midwife for a number of years, before entering the field of midwifery education. Cherese and the wider Evelina Education team act as a first point of contact for the midwifery students in their clinical placements as well as partaking in teaching in collaboration with the Higher Education Institutions the trust have partnerships with. Cherese continues to practice clinically alongside this role.

Morenike has been a midwife for 6 years. Her main background is in high-risk labour ward care. Morenike recently joined GSTT as a CPF in March as she thoroughly enjoys having students and wants to positively impact the student experience in midwifery.

During the placement you will receive insights about Antenatal midwives, Perinatal Mental Health Midwives, Gestational Diabetes, Hypertension, Labour and birth, Postnatal care, infant feeding support and breastfeeding as well as experience a simulated 28 week consultation and have a chance to review example cases and discuss the care plan for each case.

How to book: To book onto this placement, please create an account or login to the Professional Development Platform.

Legal, Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting Services: The business life-cycle – from conception to insolvency

Date and time: Friday 8 March, 9.30am – 12.30pm

Speakers: Dan James, Partner (Business Recovery and Insolvency) at Albert Goodman, Leanne Trimble, Senior Manager at James Cowper Kreston, Andrew Hambelton, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Pearson

Summary: This online workshop is aimed at those planning or delivering the Finance, Accounting and Legal Services T Levels.

Leanne Trimble is a Senior Manager at James Cowper Kreston and a qualified accountant registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), specialising in accounts and advisory. Her sector experience includes corporate companies, charities, limited liability partnerships and groups of companies and she provides advice to clients on a range of topics such as accounting issues, remuneration and financial planning.

Leanne will be covering:

  • starting a new business and meeting regulatory obligations
  • growing a business and raising finance to meet business needs
  • remuneration planning
  • corporate governance and risk management
  • preparation of financial statements
  • What is an audit?
  • What does a career in accountancy look like and what skills do you need?

Dan James is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner working at Albert Goodman. Dan has over 20 years’ of experience helping companies and individuals in financial difficulty. He prides himself on an honest and professional approach to help businesses and individuals refocus and energise the recovery of their business; whether it be a business turnaround, an accelerated business sale process, a voluntary arrangement or a close down/liquidation situation. Dan also supports businesses to wind down and distribute funds to shareholders in the most tax efficient manner, through a solvent liquidation (MVL).

Dan will be covering:

  • types of corporate insolvency and the role these play in industry
  • types of personal insolvency and the role these play in industry
  • why insolvency often makes headlines
  • how insolvency practitioners support and advise in corporate insolvency cases
  • career roles and progression routes into insolvency

Andrew Hambelton is the Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Pearson, the awarding body for the T Levels in Finance, Accounting and Legal Services.

Andrew will be covering:

  • provider and employer panels, what they do and how to become a member
  • specification content, rider statements and depth of teaching
  • support offered by Pearson and partners

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