Networks are 60–90 minute online events that enable those involved in the planning and delivery of T Levels to interact and exchange ideas, discuss specific topics and find solutions. Together you will build your knowledge and strengthen your T Level delivery to ensure the best outcomes for your learners.

Networks will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • collaborate with others to develop, exchange and explore approaches to T Level design and delivery
  • improve your knowledge and confidence to improve teaching practice
  • gain ideas from others and share your experience of delivering T Levels, including what works and what to avoid

Benefits of attending T Level Networks:

  • great way to start building connections before in person collaboration at Learning From events
  • delegates receive a ‘post-network toolkit’ with links to relevant resources relating to the themes of each network
  • some networks have guest speakers, Awarding Organisation updates and sector intelligence sharing.

To book onto a Network, please sign up or log in to the Professional Development Platform.

Networks available for 2023/24 are below. We offer ‘in delivery’ and ‘pre-delivery’ options for many networks so you can choose the ones most suited to your T Level journey.

  • Curriculum Networks:
    For teachers or curriculum managers delivering or preparing to deliver T Levels. Gain the benefits of collaborating with others to share your experience of preparing for T Levels, including what works and what to avoid specific to T Level routes.
  • Industry Placement Networks:
    Share ideas and find solutions to challenges related to Industry Placement expectations. Discuss ideas and approaches to identify placement opportunities and support student success on industry placement.
  • Embedded English, Maths and Digital Networks:
    Share practice in developing student’s EMD skills. Gain inspiration and ideas to deliver and contextualise EMD skills to improve outcomes for students.
  • Strategic Leads Networks:
    For strategic leaders responsible for implementing T Levels. Collaborate with your colleagues in this network to discuss strategic approaches to planning and delivering T Levels.
  • Assessment Networks:
    Share practice to gain inspiration and practical ideas for delivery and assessment.
  • Schools Networks:
    This network is especially designed to support T Level staff in schools. Collaborate with your colleagues to discuss strategic approaches to planning and delivering T Levels.