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Find all the latest news about the ETF’s T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer and links to other important announcements about T Levels below.

18 February 2022:

18 February 2022:

3 February 2022:

  • Lessons from the first year of T Levels: The ETF participated in a panel event organised by the T Levels All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), called Providing T Levels. Attended by approximately 100 people, the discussion focused on the experiences of providers of T Levels which included Further Education colleges, teaching staff, as well as providers of industry placements.

2 February 2022:

20 January 2022:

7 January 2022:


13 December 2021:

25 November 2021:

27 October 2021:

14 October 2021:

  • Celebrating T Levels one year on: Paul Kessell-Holland, National Head of Curriculum Design Projects at the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), reflects on the first year of T Level delivery.

23 September 2021:

  • A celebration of T Levels: one year on: In this blog, we hear from some of our Area Relationship and Development Leads (ARDLs) as well as further education staff and learners about celebrating the first year of T Levels.

3 September 2021:

  • Podcast – In conversation with Toby Osborne: Rosemarie D’Ambrosio-Winter, one of the ETF’s Area Relationship and Development Leads(ARDLs), speaks to Toby Osborne, Digital T Level Lead at Ferndown Upper School, about how the ETF has supported his T Level journey so far, and his top tips for other providers preparing for T Level delivery.

30 July 2021: 

20 July 2021: 

5 July 2021: 

  • T Levels: A groundbreaking citywide collaboration: Robert Cranmer, Project Manager for the Health T Level at Leeds City College, and Helen Thurston, Development Officer at the Leeds Health and Care Academy, write about Leeds’s collaborative approach to T Level delivery via the T Level Resource Improvement Project (TRIP).

23 June 2021: 

17 June 2021: 

15 June 2021: 

9 June 2021: 

27 May 2021:

  • Podcast – In conversation with Punam Khosla: In this episode, Punam Khosla, Area Relationship and Development Lead, speaks to us about the Understanding T Levels element of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer and the benefits of organising an in-house CPD training day.


13 May 2021:

13 May 2021: 

6 May 2021:

29 April 2021:

26 April 2021:

26 April 2021:

26 April 2021:

23 April 2021:

23 April 2021:

23 April 2021:

20 April 2021:

13 April 2021:

17 March 2021:

15 March 2021:

  • Q&A with a 2020 T Level Sector Delivery Partner: CPD Trainer, Joanne Sutton, interviews Ashley Grute, Assistant Principal Vocational Curriculum for the South Downs and Alton campuses at HSDC, to find out about their T Level delivery and asks if he has any top tips or advice for other T Level providers.

4 March 2021:

4 March 2021:

25 February 2021:

23 February 2021:

16 February 2021:

  • TLPD Route Specific Training – what to expect and how to get involved: Jo Hill, ETF Performance Manager, is responsible for the relationship and ongoing work of the sector delivery partners within the T Level Professional Development offer. With a number of Route Specific Training courses due to start, she outlines what to expect with these practical courses, in light of the current pandemic.

4 February 2021: 

3 February 2021: 

14 January 2021: 

4 January 2021: 

4 January 2021:

  • Guest blog published: Dr Joanna Goodman writes why the new Education and Childcare T Level must signpost to evidence-based educational resources for children born prematurely.

TLPD News & Updates 2020

7 December 2020:

  • Technical education, more important than ever before: Paul Kessell-Holland, National Head of T Level Design and Higher Level Education at the ETF, argues the spotlight is on technical education and to make the most of it, provider staff must learn about industry, effective teaching and leadership,

7 December 2020:

3 December 2020:

  • How the T Level Professional Development Platform can support you. Through a single portal, teachers and trainers can access all elements of the TLPD offer, book courses, find useful resources, and strengthen their T Level delivery through a tailored CPD action plan.

19 November 2020:

12 November 2020:

  • Provider blog. Cheshire College – South & West will begin their delivery of the Health and Science and Childcare T Levels next SeptemberIn a blog, introduced by North West Area Relationship and Development Lead, Punam Khosla, the college shares its approach to securing Industry Placements. 

3 November 2020:

  • TLPD Platform open. The T Level Professional Development Platform is the key to accessing the high quality TLPD offer, supporting those delivering T Levels with the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence they need for the benefit of their learners.

1 October 2020:

  • TLPD brochure available. A summary of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer is now available in a printed brochure. View a PDF of the publication.

1 September 2020:

  • Applications and bookings open for Networks, TRIPs and Industry Insights. The ETF has announced two elements of the T Level Professional Development offer, Industry Insights and Networks, are now available for booking and applications.

12 August 2020: 

  • Launch of TLPD offer. The ETF has announced the launch dates for its high-quality T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer, which starts to become available from 1 September.

11 June 2020: 

  • 2022 T Level providers announced. A list of providers who have been selected to deliver T Levels from the 2022 to 2023 academic year has been published by the Department for Education.

26 May 2020:

  • Input to City & Guilds’ development of 2021 Construction route technical qualifications. City & Guilds, in collaboration with EAL, are currently developing the technical qualifications within the Construction T Level route for September 2021 delivery. They are looking for employers and representatives from industry, as well as provider staff, to review elements of the draft technical qualifications and then answer some questions relating to key themes. You have the opportunity to input and be involved up until Friday, 31 July 2020. Learn more at you are interested in supporting or want to learn more, please email

12 May 2020:

  • Virtual Networks for 2020 providers. A series of virtual subject-specific network events, which gives participants the opportunity to discuss challenges, jointly develop innovative delivery solutions, and share practice for each of the first 3 T Levels, have commenced today and will run in May and June 2020.

11 May 2020:

  • Organisational Training Needs Analysis for 2021 providers begins. The ETF has this week begun to facilitate Organisational Training Needs Analyses (OTNA) with each 2021 provider. The OTNA will help the wave 2 providers to identify any gaps in organisational knowledge around T Levels and result in a bespoke development plan to inform and support staff development planning to aid the successful implementation of T Levels.

7 February 2020:

  • Department for Education announces significant new contract for continuation of T Level Professional Development. The Education and Training Foundation has been awarded a multi-year contract to continue to deliver TLPD.

January 2020:

  • In-house CPD for middle managers helping preparation for T Levels.In-house CPD for middle managers – provided as part of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer – is having a positive impact on preparations for the introduction of the new courses, with participants coming away with a range of specific actions they need to take.
  • TLPD helping governors, trustees and governance professionals support T Levels introduction. The ETF’s T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer is helping governors, trustees and governance professionals play their part in the introduction of the new courses by helping them explore the implications of the delivery of the new courses and enhancing their ability to support senior leaders’ decision making. Details of their feedback, and of further sessions, can be accessed here.
  • Expression of interest to deliver T Levels from the 2022 to 2023 academic year launched. The expression of interest to deliver T Levels from the 2022 to 2023 academic year was launched on 9 January 2020 and includes 8 new T Levels. The deadline to express an interest is midnight on 28 February 2020. Details are available at GOV.UK.
  • Understanding T Levels sessions receive positive feedback. The value of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development sessions to those who will implement and deliver T Levels has been confirmed by feedback from participants. Read more about the sessions’ value and book for a forthcoming date.