Training Needs Analysis

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) enables organisations to assess how T Level-ready they are. It also helps professionals delivering T Level courses to feel prepared and equipped to do so from the moment learners walk into the classroom or workshop.


  • helps providers to identify any gaps in organisational knowledge around T Levels
  • helps leaders, teachers and support staff to identify any gaps in their skills and knowledge around T Levels.

Completing a TNA will result in a bespoke development plan, which can inform and support organisations and practitioners in teaching T Levels to the highest standard.

We offer two types of TNA:

  1. Each T Level provider will be invited to undertake an Organisational Training Needs Analysis to better understand the professional development needs of their staff to deliver T Levels in their institution.
  2. Their staff can complete an Individual Training Needs Analysis. This is completed by any relevant staff members involved in the delivery of T Levels, in order to identify their individual development needs.

Organisational Training Needs Analysis

Completing an Organisational TNA will help providers to identify any gaps in organisational knowledge around T Levels.

The majority of 2021 providers have already completed their TNAs and received suggested development plans. T Level providers starting delivery in future years will be able to undertake TNA via our Professional Development Platform.

Individual Training Needs Analysis

To maximise effectiveness of the TLPD offer, it is important to gain a good understanding of an individual’s current skills and knowledge. The Individual TNA is available for all staff involved in the delivery of T Levels who wish to inform their understanding and fill any gaps in their knowledge. This will result in a tailored action plan, advising professionals of the best development and training courses for their individual needs, in order to support their delivery of T Levels.

To undertake an Individual TNA, please create your profile on our T Level Professional Development Platform.