T Level Resource Improvement Projects (TRIPs)

T Level Resource Improvement Projects (TRIPs) are an opportunity for providers and other stakeholders to work together to produce resources that will support the planning and delivery of T Levels. 

TRIPs are suitable for teachers, managers, and specialist staff, and can also benefit from the involvement of wider stakeholders such as employers, awarding organisations and Higher Education Institutions.

TRIPs will help you to:

  • identify shared challenges and priority areas of work for T Levels
  • create, test and develop resources to support T Level delivery
  • develop teaching practice for T Levels
  • ensure that T Level students develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and occupational competencies required.

TRIPs are offered to the sector as pre-agreed projects that will produce specified resources to support teaching, learning and assessment for T Levels. Providers are funded to get involved in TRIPs. The funding is to support staff capacity and staff will have the opportunity to:

  • shape the content of these projects by informing us of the areas you would like to see covered by additional resources
  • participate in the resource development for one or more projects
  • support the sector and success of T Levels.

Although we are not currently looking for providers to develop TRIPs, if you would like to register your interest for future opportunities or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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We have a wide range of T Level resources created from previous TRIPs, including lesson plans, assessment materials, schemes of learning, and more. 

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If you have any queries or require further information please contact us at TRIPs@etfoundation.co.uk