Strand 2: Industry and College/Provider Innovation Projects

The information provided below was for Strand 2, Round 2 applications.

We want to learn from the existing examples of effective practice and also to support new, innovative and scalable projects. While principally focused on what works, the programme, crucially, will also help develop local partnerships and collaborations that will give it the best chance of success.

This strand of Taking Teaching Further was open to all FE providers, including general and specialist colleges, National Colleges, independent training providers, employer-led providers, third-sector training providers, local authority providers, and adult and community learning providers. For clarity, bids could be submitted by an FE provider, a group of providers, or a third party representing a consortium of FE providers.

Taking Teaching Further will support a range of approaches to increase the capacity of teaching through industry-related collaborations. Examples of innovation might include proposals which:

  • address barriers to teacher recruitment, through developing an understanding of the FE sector among industry professionals, and through raising the profile of exceptional FE teaching professionals;
  • utilise effective and established models of professional development, delivered in industry, in education and in professional learning settings;
  • promote and establish equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • promote the use of emerging technologies, equipment and innovative use of digital platforms and media, across industry and in education;
  • embed understanding of current and future skills shortages to support activity which emphasises and clarifies the line of sight to work in educational settings and explores the use of local and regional labour market intelligence.

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If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Clive Berry via or call 020 3740 8280.