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The government’s Report of the Independent Panel on Technical Education (the Sainsbury Review) and the accompanying Post-16 Skills Plan set out the need for a technical teaching workforce that is highly skilled and has a strong understanding of both their technical skillset and teaching techniques.

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is focused on supporting practitioners and assisting collaboration with peers and employers in their field to improve teaching of vocational and technical skills across a wide range of industries.

To achieve this aim, we have in-house experts to lead on everything from designing to managing effective teaching, learning and assessment approaches and initiatives. These programmes help set out a framework for delivering excellence in technical education

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FE workforce development support

Through our T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer, we have developed a suite of high quality CPD to support the teachers, trainers and leaders delivering T Levels. The TLPD offer ensures that further education and post-16 providers are T Level-ready. This means ensuring they have the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence they need for the benefit of their learners. It is aimed primarily at those providers and their staff, who have started delivery of T Levels, or are due to start in 2021.

Teach Too was an ETF development programme, in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), aiming to support collaborative partnerships between FE Sector providers and industry to help address quality improvement in technical education and training.

The Technical Teaching Fellowship programme is funded by a partnership between the ETF and the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to promote excellence in industrial and technical education. The programme looks to award fellowships to outstanding practitioners who are recognised for their high impact teaching practice and delivering effective outcomes for learners. In January 2019 the first three celebrated FE sector teachers were awarded a Technical Teaching Fellowship.

The ETF is committed to supporting improvements in STEM teaching and learning across our sector.

Sector recruitment support

The Taking Teaching Further programme wss a national Department for Education-funded initiative, managed on its behalf by ETF, to attract experienced industry professionals with expert technical knowledge and skills to work in Further Education (FE). It was launched in June 2018 with the first round successfully funding 37 colleges across two strands. The funding bids for the second round closed in February 2019.

In partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Further Forces was a scheme to retrain Armed Forces Service Leavers to teach technical subjects, including Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in the Further Education (FE) and Skills Sector.

The SET for Teaching Success programme was set up to recruit, train, mentor and support new teachers of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), with a focus on technical education.


Technical Education resource library

A case for a shared language between business and education in Sussex. Project led by the Sussex Council of Training ProvidersSCTP consultants led a series of workshops on co-design & dual professionalism in Hastings, Brighton, Chichester and online. This was supported by a number of 1:1 consultations and facilitated meetings with strategic authorities and provider/business networks., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too local collaborative project at Bishop Auckland CollegeWhilst Bishop Auckland College has good working relationships with several local employers, the focus of this Teach Too project was to further develop the nature of these relationships to provide meaningful collaboration across County Durham., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too local project in Newcastle upon Tyne led by Newcastle CollegeThis project focussed on SEN students and their support needs in relation to accessing, starting and attending industry work placements., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too local project in the Thames Valley Region led by Activate LearningLed by Activate Learning, this project was a collaboration between seven colleges, two schools, eleven employers, three local employer groups, two LEPs and one local council., technical-educationcase-study zip-folder
A case study on the Teach Too organisational development project at RNN GroupThe RNN Group Teach Too bid focussed on the organisational development of practice related to curriculum design and planning., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too organisational development projects at LTE Group – The Manchester CollegeThis project looked to develop a coherent whole organisational approach to working with employers to help realise our ambition to be leaders of quality vocational education and to underpin our development of Centres of Excellence., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too organisational development projects at South Staffordshire CollegeOur Teach Too Skills Innovation and Integration Project’ (SKIIP) was planned to build on our existing strategies to increase multi professional participation and deliver excellence., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too organisational development projects at University College BirminghamUniversity College Birmingham (UCB) proposed a paradigm shift in their approach to the delivery of technical education through the project entitled Curriculum 2020 with support from the ETF’s Teach Too initiative., technical-educationcase-study pdf
A case study on the Teach Too organisational development projects at Walsall CollegeWalsall College have embraced a whole College approach to technical teaching and employer-led learning by using the Teach Too principles within five local projects., technical-educationcase-study pdf
CAVTL One year on reviewThe CAVTL report articulated a vision of a first-class VET system, which develops the ability to perform in a job, and provides a platform for occupational, personal and educational progression., technical-educationpdf report
Employer led curriculum development and implementation in Digital and CreativeA strategic priority for Oldham College is to engage with employers and develop a curriculum offer that is aligned to the labour market and employer needs and enables learners to progress., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Improving the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships January 2020It is useful to consider apprenticeships in the wider context of the Post-16 Technical Education Reforms. These reforms, founded on the 34 recommendations of the Sainsbury Review Panel (April 2016)., technical-educationguide pdf
It’s about work: Excellent adult vocational teaching and learningThe summary report of the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning about the future, not about the past, and the role of vocational teaching and learning in supporting individuals, businesses and communities to grow and succeed., , , adult-vocational-teaching-and-learning technical-educationpdf report research
Leadership Exchange at Wirral Metropolitan CollegeThis Two-Way Street Leadership Exchange built upon an already existing relationship between Wirral Metropolitan College and Unilever Ltd, a partnership which has been delivering an ‘apprenticeship’ programme in conjunction with the University of Liverpool for a number of …, technical-educationcase-study pdf
Leadership Exchange in the construction sectorThe involvement of leaders from both sides underlined the status and importance of the Two-Way Street Leadership Exchange process and helped to ensure dissemination more widely within and between organisations., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Leadership Exchange to support STEM careersThis Two-Way Street Leadership Exchange project sought to enable Engineering Futures, a partnership formed by The Skills Company, Trafford College and Tameside College, to develop an Engineering and Manufacturing Employer Leadership Partnership Cluster., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Realising potential insights into the design and delivery of pre-vocational programmesThis case study focuses on how Wolverhampton Adult Education Service (WAES) is increasing activity to prepare learners for employment and/or vocational study through the design of more intensive courses., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Realising potential insights into the design and delivery of pre-vocational programmesThis case study focuses on how WMC has put in place a range of strategies to support students to engage in their programmes, to stay on course and to succeed., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Summary paper and conclusions: the characteristics of pre-vocational programme design and deliveryThe Foundation, with active support from Ofsted and guided by a small external Steering Group, conducted a focused inquiry into the design and delivery of pre-vocational programmes., technical-educationpdf report
Teach Too ‘Teach too’ in a fast moving technology sectorThe project involved 19+ learners from disadvantaged neighbourhoods who facilitated the company’s aim to support and provide opportunities for local unemployed individuals., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Advanced Engineering and manufacturer skills and knowledge transferThis project fostered employer engagement within advanced engineering and manufacturing curriculum areas, focusing on skills and knowledge transfer between employees and college staff., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Developing skills in a digital ageThe project involved collaboration between a training organisation and a web site design and digital marketing firm, to develop the skills of trainers and assessors delivering the digital marketing qualification., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Effective use of data in BusinessData, and the ability to use it, is the secret ingredient behind many forward thinking successful businesses. An emerging career path and growing number of specialist industries recognise as an essential skill set to workplace progression., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Entrepreneurial Robotics and Physical ComputingThis project set out to create a relationship with an industry partner to establish a curriculum which was focused on physical computing, coding and programming and had a clear line of sight to work in the digital industries., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Green Car ProjectThe project aimed to design, build and race a Green (battery) Powered car. The car was to be designed and manufactured for competition purposes and had to comply with strict regulations whilst also trying to maximise potential., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Local Collaborative ProjectPlumpton College identified four organisational and local challenges that could be tackled by embedding Teach Too principles., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Local ProjectResearch commissioned in the region had identified a lack of technical skills programmes and lack of clear L4-L5 pathways in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering sectors., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Local ProjectOur project aim was to connect education and industry to design and deliver technical effective and relevant learning in computing for a clear line of sight to work in the digital and technology sector., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Local ProjectThe project explores how local digital businesses can help enhance digital curriculum and share skills with digital teaching staff at local FE colleges., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Local ProjectThis project was delivered in East Surrey and the surrounding area aligning to the Surrey & Sussex Healthcare Trust footprint for the delivery of healthcare services, including East Surrey, North-east West Sussex, and South Croydon., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Organisational Development ProjectThis exciting organisational development project was linked to the opening of the new Stansted Airport College, based on the airport and established to provide direct employment into the many careers in and around the airport., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Organisational Development ProjectHow the use of the college’s Individual Professional Academic Development (IPAD) policy can be developed for a more joined up organisational approach to curriculum development with employers., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Organisational Development ProjectOur project aimed to develop an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) initiative with industry partners and presented a multi-lateral and multi-site model of collaborative activity., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Organisational Development ProjectThe college aimed to put in place a range of structures, systems and processes to embed employer collaboration into curriculum., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Phase 3 Final ReportBuilding on a set of principles identified in earlier phases, Phase 3 aimed to embed sustainable Teach Too practice across 12 small scale development projects, testing which models were effective at stimulating Teach Too activity., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Phase 3: Gateshead CollegeThis project represented a dynamic partnership between staff and employers in the digital sector, a collaborative approach to refocus curriculum content, planning, delivery and enhancement within the learner experience, providing a clear line of sight into work., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Phase 3: KM TrainingThe project supported people to move towards becoming dual professionals, whereby employer staff were supported to develop their teaching practice and provider staff gained up-to-date experience of industry., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Phase 3: Milton Keynes College -Offender LearningThe project shared occupational expertise to improve the line of sight to work in the construction sector for offenders and ex-offenders., , offender-learning technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Phase 3: Nottingham CollegeThe purpose of the project was to design and deliver an employer-responsive work experience programme (criteria and schema) in preparation for the construction technical route, in partnership with employers from the sector., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Phase 3: Solihull College and University CentreSolihull College worked with Engineering employers: the Buckingham Group, Capita, JS Wright and Cundall to update the curriculum so it is up to date and relevant. This was mainly achieved through job shadowing and mentoring., technical-educationcase-study word-doc
Teach Too Retail skills swap and support for trainees, apprentices and other staffThe assessing team at Fareport training organisation worked collaboratively with the employer’s store managers to identify appropriate employees to take part in the project., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Sharing Skills for success in small service sector businessesRecognising that social media is central to the vast majority of learners’ social lives, this project investigated how this trend could be exploited to make on-line learning possible for small business employers and their learners., technical-educationcase-study pdf
Teach Too Swissport Maths Aviation ProjectThe purpose of this project was to ensure students understood the importance of maths and to encourage them to develop the required skills for the industry., technical-educationcase-study pdf