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The government’s Report of the Independent Panel on Technical Education (the Sainsbury Review) and the accompanying Post-16 Skills Plan set out the need for a technical teaching workforce that is highly skilled and has a strong understanding of both their technical skillset and teaching techniques.

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is focused on supporting practitioners and assisting collaboration with peers and employers in their field to improve teaching of vocational and technical skills across a wide range of industries.

To achieve this aim, we have in-house experts to lead on everything from designing to managing effective teaching, learning and assessment approaches and initiatives. These programmes help set out a framework for delivering excellence in technical education

Don’t forget to read the latest Technical Teaching views in the special supplement of the Society for Education and Training’s journal – inTuition.

FE workforce development support

Through our T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer, we have developed a suite of high quality CPD to support the teachers, trainers and leaders delivering T Levels. The TLPD offer ensures that further education and post-16 providers are T Level-ready. This means ensuring they have the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence they need for the benefit of their learners. It is aimed primarily at those providers and their staff, who have started delivery of T Levels, or are due to start in 2021.

Teach Too was an ETF development programme, in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), aiming to support collaborative partnerships between FE Sector providers and industry to help address quality improvement in technical education and training.

The Technical Teaching Fellowship programme is funded by a partnership between the ETF and the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to promote excellence in industrial and technical education. The programme looks to award fellowships to outstanding practitioners who are recognised for their high impact teaching practice and delivering effective outcomes for learners. In January 2019 the first three celebrated FE sector teachers were awarded a Technical Teaching Fellowship.

The ETF is committed to supporting improvements in STEM teaching and learning across our sector.

Sector recruitment support

The Taking Teaching Further programme wss a national Department for Education-funded initiative, managed on its behalf by ETF, to attract experienced industry professionals with expert technical knowledge and skills to work in Further Education (FE). It was launched in June 2018 with the first round successfully funding 37 colleges across two strands. The funding bids for the second round closed in February 2019.

In partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Further Forces was a scheme to retrain Armed Forces Service Leavers to teach technical subjects, including Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in the Further Education (FE) and Skills Sector.

The SET for Teaching Success programme was set up to recruit, train, mentor and support new teachers of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), with a focus on technical education.


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