Professional Standards Review

2014 professional standards for teachers and trainers in England

The 2014 professional standards define the professional requirements of teachers, trainers and tutors of post 16 learners, and underpin good teaching practice in the sector.  This includes describing the skills, knowledge, values and attributes of those individuals.

Who are the standards for?

The intended audience for the 2014 standards are:

  • teachers and trainers of post-16 learners working in further education colleges (excluding sixth form colleges), the community, commercial and charitable organisations, industry, the armed and uniformed services, prisons/offender learning and other public sector organisations
  • their employers.

What is the purpose of the standards?

The 2014 professional standards:

  • set out clear expectations of effective practice in education and training
  • enable teachers and trainers to identify areas for their own professional development
  • support initial teacher education
  • provide a national reference point that organisations can use to support the development of their staff.

Our approach to developing the standards

Following Lord Lingfield’s Independent Review of Professionalism in Further Education, published in 2012, teachers are now no longer required to work towards qualified teaching and learning status[1].  This deregulated context has provided an opportunity to develop new approaches to professionalism.  Since there is an expectation that the sector will define and regulate professionalism for itself, it is essential that the sector owns the 2014 standards.
To facilitate this, the Foundation has worked closely with senior representatives from leading stakeholder organisations as well as a practitioner group.  Members of these groups have played a crucial role in critically reviewing the development of the standards, to ensure they meet the needs of the sector and reflect its diversity. 

Where can I find the Standards?

Visit the Professional Standards page to download the Standards and other resources which have been developed to help teachers and trainers use the standards and apply them to the context in which they work.

[1] With the exception of teachers of English, maths and those working with students with learning difficulties/disabilities who are advised to have specialist qualifications.