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Our activity cards

Discuss and apply the Professional Standards in a new and innovative way.

Designed to enable and facilitate conversations between teachers and trainers about the ETF’s Professional Standards, these activity cards will help open discussions with your colleagues about professional development and how to excel in your teaching practice.

Available packs

The Core pack | £20 per pack

The Core pack (red) contains an individual card for each of the core 20 Professional Standards along with some activity cards, suggesting how they might be used to support colleagues. Your pack will contain:

  • 31 cards
  • 13cm x 10cm cards red-backed matte cards
  • 1x title card
  • 20x professional standard cards
  • 3x domain title cards
  • 5x activity cards
  • 2x info cards
  • 1x red Presentation box
Professional standards for teachers and trainers cards - front of pack
Professional Standards for
Teachers and Trainers

The Career Stages pack | £35 per pack

The Career Stages pack (yellow) contains individual cards for each of the Professional Standards at the defined career stages: Early Career Teacher, Experienced Teacher, and Advanced Teacher along with some activity cards suggesting how they might be used to support colleagues. Your pack will contain:

  • 81 cards
  • 13cm x 10cm cards yellow-backed matte cards
  • 1x title card
  • 3x career stage title cards
  • 9x domain cards
  • 60x professional standards cards (20 PS at each level)
  • 5x activity cards
  • 3x info cards
  • 1x yellow presentation box
Professional standards career stages cards pack
Professional Standards: Career Stages

Member discounts

We offer discounts to individual SET members and our SET corporate partner organisations:

  • £5 off Core packs
  • £10 off Career packs

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