Understanding the Professional Standards: Aspiring and Current Middle Leaders

Middle leadership

We use the term ‘middle leadership’ for those with line management responsibility for teams which might include teachers, training, assessors, professional and administrative teams. The role of a middle leader is multifaceted and can be complex, therefore the Professional Standards for Middle Leaders should not be considered an exhaustive list of expectations. However, if you develop the knowledge, skills and attributes set out in the Standards, you will be well equipped to undertake the role of middle leader effectively.

Case studies

The Standards should be self-explanatory, but it is helpful to have examples of what success looks like. With this in mind, you can access case studies below which show how some aspiring and middle leaders have adopted the Professional Standards in their daily work.

Skills analysis tool

Assessing your current skills and knowledge can help inform your future development and training. A skills analysis tool has been developed to help you with this process of reflection. By responding to a set of questions, the tool will provide you with an indication of your strengths and areas for future development. Access the skills analysis tool on the ETF’s Professional Development Platform.

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