Here at the ETF we’re committed to our work being evidence based and sector informed. Although not strictly a research body, we’ve undertaken and commissioned some research relating to education for sustainable development (ESD) in the sector to understand current sector practice and needs, to inform our ESD work with a robust evidence base and to give us a baseline for monitoring processes. We have published the research reports to help others develop their ESD practice.

Leadership for ESD in the FE curriculum report

The ETF’s latest report on Leadership for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the FE Curriculum helps us better understand the challenges curriculum leaders face in embedding sustainability across their education provision.

The report showcases those who are already working to ensure their learners develop the relevant skills, knowledge, behaviours and agency to help them contribute positively to sustainability goals through numerous case studies.

The case studies from this report are being published as a blog series – read the ESD blogs here

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Experiences of ESD in FE: A workforce survey report

We surveyed over 800 teachers, trainers and leaders in the FE and training sector to better understand their experiences of, and attitudes towards, ESD. The results will inform the ETF’s strategy to support the sector’s adoption of ESD to enhance teaching, learning, assessment and leadership. The report also provides sector practitioners, providers and stakeholders data with which to plan their own ESD approaches.

graphic with text 68% feel that the current UK post-16 education system does not adequately educate learners on sustainability issues.

To enable FE practitioners and providers best utilize the data, we’ve also produced the following resources:

  • An infographic outlining the most significant findings
  • A guide outlining five ways to use the research findings
  • Reflection prompts for individuals and groups working in the sector to consider how the findings could impact their own ESD practice

A webinar recording explaining the research, our findings and its implications can also be viewed here:

Further findings from this research