Map the curriculum tool

The ETF advocates whole-institution approaches to education for sustainable development (ESD), ensuring that all learners become sustainability learners. The core purpose of the FE and Training sector organisations is to provide education and training, and therefore to achieve maximum impact with sustainability work, a focus on the curriculum is vital.

We’ve developed the Map the Curriculum tool to offer a way for providers and practitioners to understand where ESD content is found in their curriculum.

The tool will help providers to collect and analyse their own data, identifying where they are currently including sustainability topics and skills development in their provision, where there might be gaps and how they might improve.

Curriculum mapping tool example
Curriculum mapping tool example

We anticipate providers will use this tool to:

  • Baseline their ESD provision in their curriculum
  • Measure and report on progress over time
  • Identify where ESD is being included so they can identify existing effective practice to share, expand upon etc. as well as celebrating those who are leading the way
  • Provide data that can be used to motivate departments, teams or practitioners who haven’t yet begun to bring ESD into their work
  • Identify further opportunities for embedding ESD across their provision.

The tool can be used to map curricular across a whole organisation, across a department or function, or across a specific course. There’s enough flexibility built in so that it can be useful to individual practitioners as well as teams and organisational leaders.

To ensure ease of use, and to avoid errors, the spreadsheet itself has been locked to editing beyond where providers need to enter details about their curriculum. If you would prefer to use an unlocked version of the tool to further adapt it to suit your specific needs, please get in touch.

The tool has been developed with inputs and ideas from various FE and Training sector practitioners.  Particular thanks go to the curriculum team at ACL Essex who’ve help test the tool.

As ever, if you’d like to share you experiences of bringing ESD into your work, of if you need support with your ESD work, please get in touch.