Supporting Further Education and Training recovery

About our Further Education and Training recovery section

The Covid-19 pandemic affected education in many ways. It impacted young people and adults as well as organisations and systems. We understood that these impacts would be felt for years to come.

Following the immediate impact of the pandemic, we released a series of spotlight topics to assist teachers and trainers in navigating the changes in education settings.

Young woman in face mask using a PC

Although these topics can still be useful, we encourage you to explore other sections of our website that cover related topics such as EdTech and digital or Safeguarding and Prevent, and you may wish to explore other professional development opportunities.

Previous spotlighted topics

You can view our series of spotlighted topics using the ‘learn more’ link below.

Archived spotlight topics

Archived spotlight topics

Resources from previously spotlighted topics of interest to support the Further Education sector in recovering from the immediate impacts of Covid.