The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) advocate an approach to mentoring and coaching of teachers in the Further Education and Training sector which is:  

  • developmental and nurturing in nature  
  • rooted in collaboration and support  
  • adaptable to the individual needs of the mentee/coachee.  


The ETF’s mentoring frameworks have been developed with practitioners and leaders from the FE sector to establish a shared understanding of effective mentoring practice; enhance the quality of mentoring for practitioners; ensure that mentoring is supportive and nurturing and help mentees and mentors to develop teaching, learning and assessment strategies which meet learners’ needs.  

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Leader and manager 


Professional Development Programmes

As part of our support for the professional development for mentors and coaches of practitioners in Further Education and Training, the ETF are offering 3 professional development courses: 

1.Getting ready to mentor teachers and trainers in Further Education

A self directed online course running of 3 weeks providing an introduction to mentoring for practitioners in the Further Education sector interested in mentoring teachers and trainers.   

Aimed at staff in the FE sector interested in finding out about mentoring, teachers who have trained previously in mentoring and want a refresher and teachers who may wish to progress on to our other mentoring programmes.   

To find out more information, please visit the ETF booking page.   

2. Mentoring Skills for New Mentors 

A blended programme running over six months for those who are new or relatively new to mentoring teachers in the FE sector. This course will provide participants with an opportunity to experience a variety of mentoring techniques. Alongside the programme, participants will engage in facilitated action learning sets and will be required to undertake a minimum of 40 hours of mentoring over the six-month period enabling them to draw on their first-hand experiences throughout the programme.  

Download the course brochure 

3. Advanced Mentoring for Experienced Mentors

A blended programme for those who have experience mentoring teachers in the FE sector or with qualifications in mentoring. Practitioners will develop advanced mentoring skills and critically reflect on the contexts in which they work. Participants will form action learning sets, will be expected to undertake a development project, and write a short report. For example, a mentor could conduct a small-scale investigation into common challenges mentors face in their organisation and share their findings with their in-house Quality team.  

This course will provide participants with simulation exercises to experience and reflect on advanced practical mentoring techniques in a safe space. Alongside the programme, participants will be required to undertake a minimum of 40 hours of mentoring over the six-month period. 

Download the course brochure