Inclusive FE

We know that the Further Education (FE) and Training sector plays a huge role in ensuring that people living and working in our communities achieve their aspirations.

Our sector serves everyone in society, including people who are often marginalised and under represented in education and training. Through offering lifelong learning, our sector supports the journey towards social justice.

We want everyone who accesses FE to feel like they belong and are included. We aim to work with you to ensure that our workforce and the curriculum reflect the learners and the communities, our sector serves.

Some of the ways we are trying to achieve this include:

  • Using positive action to promote address under representation on our CPD programmes
  • Offering specialist support programmes, e.g. special educational needs and disabilities, safeguarding, etc
  • Working strategically with the sector to pilot approaches to create sustainable change, e.g. our Diversity in Leadership programme
  • Identify and highlight examples where FE providers have taken a proactive approach to promote social justice.
  • By leading by example at the Education and Training Foundation

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What is #InclusiveFE?

The terms equality, diversity and inclusion have been with us for a long time and often these terms get conflated and there is confusion about what we are trying to achieve.

For us, at the ETF, we want to ensure that everybody who learns and works in our sector feels like they belong, with both staff and learners seeing people like themselves within senior leadership, and learners seeing themselves reflected in their curriculum.

You might like to take 30 minutes to listen to David Russell, CEO and Jeff Greenidge, Director for Diversity at the ETF talk frankly about their experience of inclusion.

Listen to more ETF Equality, Diversity and Inclusion podcasts here

Specialist programmes and courses to support inclusion

In the Further Education and Training sector, we believe that learning is about so much more than qualifications. Learning is about enriching our lives so we can find out more about ourselves and the world we live in. We also appreciate that our learners come from all walks of life and will experience the world in lots of different ways. With this in mind, we want to encourage our sector to create organisations where all learners are welcomed and supported.

Some of the ways we try to help you to do this:

Our new course, Advancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in FE is for everyone working in the sector and we hope you will all take time to complete it.

Positive action and working strategically with the FE sector

We want our workforce to reflect the learners they teach and the communities they serve, so that is why we take a positive action approach to under representation and economic disadvantage.

Our free place offer on courses provides access to staff who are under represented on our courses (and the wider workforce) and where there maybe economic barriers to access for costed courses.

Similarly, this year’s mentoring programme has ringfenced places for under represented staff and staff working out of the 12 opportunity areas.

Through our Diversity in Leadership programme through our leadership offer, we have worked with the sector on strategic approaches to create more inclusive organisations by addressing workforce and curriculum inclusion issues.

The ETF leading by example

In November 2021, The ETF, alongside WorldSkills UK and the Association of Colleges and others pledged to ensure that technical and vocational education pathways are made accessible and inclusive to all.

Watch the short film to hear the senior leaders from these organisations talk about how this will happen.

A full version of the pledge video is available on the WorldSkills UK website.

Further information about what the ETF is doing internally can be found on our Equality Diversity and Inclusion page.