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The vocational skills and knowledge generated by the Further Education and Training sector are critical to the competence of much of the national workforce and, hence, to national productivity and competitiveness. In turn, this depends on having a well-managed and highly skilled workforce in the FE sector itself. However, until now, no comprehensive and systematic picture of gaps in the skills of that workforce, and of the training needs that such gaps would imply, has previously been produced.

Published by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), the Training Needs Analysis report reflects the perspectives of over 400 institutions and more than 2,300 individual practitioners – including teachers, trainers, leaders and assessors. It provides the most significant analysis of the development and training needs of the workforce across the sector ever done. Initiated by the ETF, this report has been supported by all the key sector membership bodies and trade unions in the sector, and the Department for Education itself. The research, which took place in Autumn 2017 also included 50 in-depth discussions with senior representatives of FE sector organisations.

The purpose of the report is to provide intelligence that can support policy-makers and the sector in making informed investment decisions to support the workforce, to meet the challenges and opportunities that the technical education reforms, including T levels, will bring over the next three years. The independent and comprehensive analysis provides crucial baseline data to ensure future training for teachers and trainers is aligned with their professional needs and priorities.

Key Conclusion

The key conclusion was that while providers and those working in the sector felt their recent training and development activities met most or all of their development needs, there were key areas that required further investment and focus. This would take the FE profession forward with confidence through the current set of reforms.

They felt, if more budget and time permitted, there is scope for additional training to take advantage of the reforms, with a particular focus on leadership and management, maths and English, alongside the use of digital and other new technologies for teaching and learning.

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