Workforce capability to deliver the digital entitlement

An independent report based on a telephone survey and qualitative case studies into the training needs and skills of the workforce who deliver basic digital skills training in post-18 education and training organisations in England, ahead of the introduction of the new standards and Government entitlement in 2020.

BMG Research conducted the research on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to explore the qualifications, capability and confidence of teachers and trainers of basic digital skills across all further education and training settings, and to identify any training needs gaps.

The findings are based on analysis of secondary data, a survey of 76 provider organisations, and in-depth interviews with staff at 7 Education Services within Local Authorities, 2 FE Colleges, and 2 independent private training providers. All organisations engaged were invited to take part as case studies (including interviews with leads and delivery staff). However, due to the availability of staff within the fieldwork period, only Education Services within Local Authorities took part in this way.

The full report ‘Workforce capability to deliver the digital entitlement’ was published in July 2019.

Download the report.