Maths Teacher Recruitment Incentive

This programme is no longer accepting new applications.

See details of our Taking Teaching Further programme which is currently open to applications.

The Maths Graduate Incentive Scheme was commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to support the Government’s ambition to improve standards in maths teaching in the Further Education (FE) and Skills sector.

The Scheme provided recruitment incentive awards to FE and Skills providers to enable them to explore innovative ways of addressing a shortfall by recruiting and retaining specialist graduate maths teachers.  The maths incentive programme delivered evidence to show how incentive awards can positively improve recruitment.

Phases one and two of the incentive scheme ran in April and October 2014, with a third phase running from March 2015 to early 2016.

As a result of the programme, a total of 280 new teachers were recruited to 178 different providers across the FE and Skills Sector. A summary of the initial impact of the scheme can be found in this final project report completed in February 2016, however, a key part of the Scheme was about the long-lasting impact and whether the newly-recruited graduates remained in the sector.

The Foundation issued a short survey in the autumn of 2017 to find out how many of the initially recruited graduates are still working in the sector and to analyse the continued impact of the Maths Graduate Incentive Scheme. The key findings from this new report showed that:

66% of respondents said that all or some of the candidates recruited were still employed by their organisations.

“The Maths Graduate Incentive Scheme has been beyond successful at Adult Education Wolverhampton. We have increased our retention, we’ve increased our success rates. Last year our GCSE success rates were over 90%, which was a big increase from the year before.” – Karendeep Aujla, Maths Graduate, now Lecturer and Subject Lead, Adult Education Wolverhampton.

68% of providers reported that the graduate had provided CPD to other staff.

“It’s been very positive having the graduates in the college. It’s just changed the atmosphere with the maths delivery completely. The students appreciate it, the staff appreciate being able to interact with them. And management appreciate the fact that we’ve got that quality delivery as well.” – Linda Radford, Programme Area Manager for Maths, Boston College

53% said that there had been changes to teaching and learning across the organisation as a result of employing a maths graduate via the maths graduate incentive scheme.

“The students…are a lot more engaged. Maths is now a subject that the students aren’t trying to avoid – they’re coming in to college to do maths. We did notice previously that attendance was a problem…but because [Maths Graduate] Emily’s made it engaging and relevant… the students really respond to that.” – John Greenwood, Head of Centre, Develop Norwich

Four short films were produced with interviews with graduates showcasing the benefits of the Maths Graduate Incentive Scheme:

The Impact of the Maths Graduate Incentive SchemeHere’s what Boston College said
Here’s what Adult Education Wolverhampton saidHere’s what Develop Norwich said

Further Information

For further information about Teacher Education please contact Howard Pilott and for Maths Julie Baxter.