Talent to Teach in FE

Please note – this programme has now closed.

This page gives additional information about the programme and its legacy.

The Talent to Teach in FE programme raised awareness of Further Education (FE) teaching as a career option among second year and final year undergraduates and postgraduate students. Participants undertook a 40-hour placement with an FE provider, introducing them to the world of FE and giving them an understanding of the skills, expertise and qualifications required to teach in the sector. 

The Talent to Teach programme ran from 2019 to 2023, with more than 1,200 students taking part. Funded by the Department for Education (DfE), the programme was delivered by the ETF and its delivery partners, InspirED Associates and Cognition Education. 

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Access the delivery partner’s evaluation report on the final year of delivery (2022-23). 

The video below gives an insight into the experiences students had during their placements.

Some feedback from participants and providers:

“I began my PGCE course in September at the same college I did my Talent to Teach in FE placement at. I will qualify in May! Thank you for your programme as I never would have considered teaching as a career. I absolutely loved it.”

Susan, T2TFE participant

“I would like to thank the T2TFE team for all their support. My placement allowed me to experience first-hand what my role and responsibilities are likely to be; and the kind of work I will be doing daily – and this was a very good insight into the Further Education.”

Nikita, T2TFE participant

“When you haven’t experienced going to an FE college, you don’t realise how much there is to it. It was a really insightful programme.”

Harry, T2TFE participant

“The Talent to Teach programme gives us the chance to highlight the benefits of a career in Further Education. It also helps graduates to understand that their knowledge and skills are in demand in the sector.”

Chesterfield College

“The Talent To Teach in FE programme has brought a new dimension to the curriculum offer for those people new to education and is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of Further Education with undergraduates, highlighting what a rewarding career path this can be. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with participants of this programme.”

Wiltshire College

“The Talent to Teach in FE scheme has given Halesowen College the opportunity to work with a wide range of enthusiastic individuals, who may potentially be interested in employment in the further education sector. Staff at the College have found the experience very rewarding. We are excited about the continued partnership with ETF and Cognition Education in encouraging graduates into further education teaching. “

Halesowen College

“At Juniper Training we’ve had a number of students who have discovered their passion for working with young people, via Talent to Teach. This has provided them with the foundations they’ve needed to explore a variety of career options within further education.”

Juniper Training Walsall

Read more about participants’ experiences of the programme in these case studies.

For further information about a career in teaching in the Further Education Sector, please visit the Department for Education website.